Imogen's bespoke riding Helmet

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

ATiC have been working with Cerebra to help design bespoke helmets. We assisted Dr Ross Head and the team by providing 3D scanning technology to map the size and shape of Imogen's head to create unique protection for her. 

a girl in a stable with horses

Imogen, aged 7, was born 11 weeks early with cerebral palsy and hydrocephaly, an excessive swelling of the brain that means her head is wider than usual. Much of Imogen’s time is spent in a wheelchair, so riding is a source of real joy for her, she has been riding since she was 2 years old – but finding a helmet that fitted had proven impossible. 

All that changed when Dr Ross Head and the team at Cerebra Innovation Centre got involved. They were able to use 3D digital scanning to design a bespoke riding hat to keep Imogen safe in the saddle.