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Tim Stokes


Tim is an ATiC Innovation Fellow

Tim draws upon a background as an artist, maker and creative thinker, using a range of digital media, moving image, physical materials and processes.  He has recently joined the ATiC project and is transferring his creative skillset to the team. 

Tim will work in collaboration with a variety of enterprises within the fields of health and life sciences to support Research and Innovation projects.

Tim’s research interests include the creative possibilities for the large amounts of user metrics and bio data that are harvested on our personal devices, and how these can be further developed into products and software. Interests include how such data be accounted for and analysed in the future by designers, scientists, engineers and clinicians to prevent disease and injury and guide our health and wellbeing.

Tim is currently researching 3D printing, interpreting user metrics and ways of interacting with digital software to innovate health, fitness and wellbeing.

Tim has previously worked as a technician and lecturer across a range of specialist courses for several years at Swansea College of Art, UWTSD. Alongside this he has been involved in several creative, community based and cultural heritage projects both locally and international.

Tim’s creative practice involves metaphorically exploring and physically mixing materials and how they manipulate the body or bodies. His current work looks towards making and creating as a way of survival, building structures and harnessing a range of found materials, spaces and environments.