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Yolanda Rendón-Guerrero


Yolanda Rendón-Guerrero is an ATiC Innovation Fellow.

Yolanda is an architect by trade and an experienced maker. She brings to the ATiC team a strong motivation to take part in collaborative projects that make a positive impact on human health and wellbeing.

Her collaboration and work with Fab Lab Sevilla and Fab Lab Amsterdam, from early stages in her career, led her to explore the combination of traditional crafting techniques with industry 4.0, which she has incorporated as part of her work.

On a research level she has investigated the possibilities of a low-cost prosthesis DIY kit for people that need to walk long distances for a living and are under risk of alienation; optimisation of furniture design through digital and parametric design tools to reduce the material waste involved in different making techniques; and the impact of conservation plans in constant growing city centres.

She is interested in parametric design, prototype making, electronics and experimenting with new materials and is looking forward to working in collaboration with a wide range of enterprises from the fields of health and life sciences.

Email: y.rendon-guerrero@uwtsd.ac.uk