Daisy Williams

I’ve worked for different theatre companies on a freelance and full-time basis as an actor, production assistant and director

I’m currently lucky enough to still be working 2 days a week with a theatre company called Theatr na nÓg, looking after their online content. I’m also writing a lot, trying to learn some new things while I’ve got the time and recording the third series of my podcast.  My podcast is called Have Another Cuppa where I sit down with amazing people based in Wales and talk about their work. You can listen on Spotify, Podbean or Apple podcasts.

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Why did you choose UWTSD?

I chose UWTSD because of the fantastic study abroad opportunities. I studied abroad in Canada and North Carolina in my second and third year and had the most amazing time.

The people I met in Carmarthen who make up my close group of friends today, as well as the people I met during my study abroad period. It really gave me the confidence to travel and explore, so much so that I travelled back to America on my own in 2016 to LA, Vegas and North Carolina to visit everyone (everyone I know that is, not everyone in the country).

The course introduced me to a lot of creatives that I would go on to work with. I was even introduced to Geinor Styles the Artistic Director of Theatr na nÓg who gave me my first full time job 2 months after I graduated, and also Solveig Frykman-Lloyd who I continue to work with as an assistant in her dance company; Sbardun Gwreiddiol.

Even though my course was in English (BA Acting), I also had the opportunity to do some of my modules in Welsh during my third year. This wasn’t something I was planning on doing and after studying for 2 years entirely in English, it was really a challenge for me. But as I now work 50% of the time in Welsh, maybe even more, it really prepared me to move on and work in professional Welsh theatre. 

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