Katheryn Siggers

I chose UWSTD because it has a fantastic study abroad module where you can study at Cal State Arts in Fullerton. At first, this was the main reason for studying at UWTSD, what actor doesn’t want to study in LA? But I actually ended up falling in love with the little town of Carmarthen and all the wonderful things it has to offer.

The course gave me everything a drama school offered, but with the care and guidance that I needed to allow me to open up and develop as a performer. I loved that our course was mainly practical and that there was a big emphasis on your own professional development whilst in a safe environment. 

Since graduating I have been on tour as a professional actor and more recently moved into being a director and creative freelancer. I have also worked in Cardiff as a researcher for Wordley Productions, which gave me the skill set and knowledge to start my own company. I’m currently launching my new business ‘Kat Siggers Creative’, I’m an online acting coach for people who want to take their acting career to the next level. I also make show reels/voice reels for actors and create promotional videos for theatre companies, bands and corporate brands. September 2019, saw the exciting launch of my podcast ‘Off Script with…’, the idea was to create a network for artists to go too, in the hopes that they will learn from each other and share skill sets.