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International Leisure Resort Management (BA, DipHE)

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Experience working in luxury international leisure resorts including Aspen Ski Resort in Colorado USA as well as a resort hotel in the Middle East, Far East, Caribbean & on-board cruise ships.

This unique and exclusive programme will develop a detailed understanding and knowledge of the management and operations of luxury International Resorts. Focusing on professional industry skills and academic learning the programme embraces tourism, hospitality,  leisure, events and sports management principles.

Students will experience luxury resorts and have the opportunity to develop the highest level of hospitality and guest service skills through Forbes training and empowerment principles. The learning experience is underpinned by specialist integrated placements will enable students to develop around the resort to gain a professional understanding of operations and management.

The programme from the outset focuses on guest service excellence, marketing, operations and management. This is then developed through a series of integrated placements which are individually designed for the students to apply their learning in a range of specialist departments which may include hospitality, events, banqueting, conferences, spa, golf, cruise, winter sports, water sports, resort operations as well as rooms division.

Students will have the opportunity to apply for placements with Aspen Ski Company in the Colorado Rockies in the USA, and their specialist mountain resort properties including the Legendary Little Nell Hotel, The Limelight Resort in Snowmass, Aspen Ski Club, and possibly even Ski and Golf Operations. In addition, there will be opportunities to apply for positions with Cruise Ships, and other resorts including city destinations, convention centres, golf & desert complexes as well as waterfront beach resorts in the UK, Europe, the US, the Middle and the Far East.

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International Leisure Resort Management (BA)
Apply via UCAS

International Leisure Resort Management (DipHE)
Apply via UCAS

Applicants to full-time courses can apply through UCAS. Applicants to part-time courses can apply through the University.

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Contact Name: Jacqui Jones

Tuition Fees 2022/23:
Home (Full-time): £9,000 per year
Overseas (Full-time): £13,500 per year

Why choose this course?

  1. This is a unique and exciting opportunity development with Aspen Ski Company, the legendary Little Nell, Cruise Ships and other luxury destinations provides students with the opportunity to develop their academic studies whilst working and living in luxury resort destinations which have provided so many previous students with outstanding career opportunities.
  2. The programme is intrinsically linked to specialist placements at a range of luxury and internationally renowned five-star, five-Diamond Forbes resort properties cruise ships providing students with unrivalled guest service and hospitality training & experience.
  3. The world’s our lecture theatre - the programme utilises innovative and creative learning opportunities to enable students to regularly experience behind the scenes within the industry. This enables us to use local and international field study visits to bring learning alive.
  4. The School of Tourism and Hospitality has over twenty-five years of experience delivering cutting edge professional programmes in Leisure and Tourism focusing on promoting guest service excellence and empowerment from the outset.
  5. The small industry experienced teaching team provide a friendly and supportive approach to University life especially for those who are returning to academic studies after either working or taking a career break.
  6. Number 1 in Wales for Tourism, Events & Hospitality (National Student Survey 2019 and Guardian League Tables 2019).

What you will learn

Course Overview

This unique and exclusive programme will provide students with cutting edge professional industry skills working with some of the world’s leading resorts and luxury destinations.

The programme has been developed in consultation with Aspen Ski Company and through close discussions with highly successful graduates who have benefitted from internships within leading resort destinations.

A strong focus on empowerment, management and marketing is introduced from the start of the programme. This will be developed by studying cutting edge guest service excellence and Forbes training.

Students will experience an excellent range of inspirational and challenging summer and winter operational placement opportunities. These are designed to develop the student’s professional and operational skills and provide the opportunity to apply theory in practice.

The student's placements will vary from a minimum of 12 weeks to 4/14 month blocks totalling up to 12 months over the 3 years programme. During this time students will apply their knowledge and skills to analyse workplace studies. On returning to University they will study related professional subjects & consider strategic management issues.

Innovative and creative learning environments ensure that the programme brings the student’s learning alive. By making the World our Lecture Theatre students are able to experience behind the scenes at resorts and destinations in the UK and internationally as well as engaging in networking events with industry leaders. As the programme progresses opportunities will develop from operational learning through to management learning and strategic application.

Module Topics

Year One – Level 4 (Cert HE, Dip HE & BA)

  • Contemporary Challenges: Making a Difference (20 credits; compulsory; Graduate Attributes Framework module)
  • Hospitality and Guest Service Management (20 credits; compulsory)
  • Learning in the Digital Era (20 credits; compulsory; Graduate Attributes Framework module)
  • Managing Tourism, Leisure and Events Organisations (20 credits; compulsory)
  • Niche Marketing and Social Media (20 credits; compulsory)
  • UK Tourism and Leisure Industry (20 credits; compulsory).

Please note that the Level 4 exit award is titled: Certificate of Higher Education Travel, Tourism and Leisure Management.

Year Two – Level 5 (Dip HE & BA)

  • Changemakers: Building your Personal Brand for Sustainable Employment (20 credits; compulsory; Graduate Attributes Framework module)
  • Changemakers: Creativity and Value Creation (20 credits; compulsory; Graduate Attributes Framework module)
  • International Travel Operations (20 credits; compulsory)
  • Live Events Project (20 credits; compulsory)
  • Operations Management for Tourism, Leisure and Events (20 credits; compulsory)
  • Professional Placement and Enterprise Project for Tourism, Events and Leisure (20 credits; compulsory).

Year Three – Level 6 (BA)

  • Global Destination and Resort Management (20 credits; compulsory)
  • Global Sport and Tourism Events Management (20 credits; compulsory)
  • Heritage and Leisure Attraction Management (20 credits; compulsory)
  • Independent Project (40 credits; compulsory; Graduate Attributes Framework module)
  • Strategic Tourism, Events and Leisure Management (20 credits; compulsory).

The programme will be assessed through a structured mix of practical assessments, placements, case studies, audits, training exercises, management reports, presentations, essays, travel reviews, DVD/videos, travel blogs, feasibility studies, projects, exams, bid pitches and the opportunity to plan, organise and assess travel and tourism trips & experiences.

Assessments will wherever possible be designed to develop professional skills as well as developing critical thinking, leadership, management, guest service and teamwork in preparation for industry careers. There will be NO examinations on this course.

Graduate Attributes Framework

This Framework aims to develop your professional skills and competence alongside your academic subject knowledge. You’ll study up to 40 credits per level throughout your programme from the Graduate Attributes Framework.

The Graduate Attribute modules are designed to enable you to develop, and evidence, a range of career-focused skills related to your subject area. These skills include digital competency, research and project management, as well as such personal competencies as communication, creativity, self-reflection, resilience and problem-solving. 

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At UWTSD Tourism in Swansea, we make the World your lecture theatre. To discover more watch this short video taster of the International Tourism Educational Tour which brings the student’s learning alive & see the world like never before.

Swansea Business Campus

Key Information

Entry Criteria

100 UCAS points (BA) | 44 UCAS points (DipHe)

As this is an exclusive programme in partnership with luxury resorts, all students will be interviewed for their suitability for the programme. Grades are important, however, offers are not based solely on academic results. Students will be assessed by the University and Aspen Ski Company to consider whether they possess the attributes, dedication and passion for the luxury resort industry.

When students are selected for the programme by Aspen Ski Company and the University, they will normally be guaranteed a placement in Aspen; however, if a student’s commitment and academic performance and behaviour on the programme is deemed unsuitable, the University and/or Aspen Ski Company reserve the right to withdraw the placement and the student may be transferred on to another tourism-related programme of study, or be required to source their own suitable placement experience.

Career Opportunities

The nature and uniqueness of the programme ensures that career opportunities and employability are maximised.

The focus on luxury international resort management guest service excellence and professional skills through internships & graduate placement empowers students to gear their studies to their own career ambitions and personal circumstances.

The industry focus and `Forbes Training provides students with the opportunity to realise their career potential through their studies.

On graduating students from this programme will be ready to embark on exciting careers within Resort Management and it is hoped that many will be selected for the exclusive Aspen Ski Company management training programme.

Future career pathways may include

International Leisure Resort  Management - Operations, hotel management, front of the house, hospitality, rooms division,, golf management, beach management, watersports management, sports management, ski resort management, spa & health management, convention centre management, banquets, festivals, events management, attractions.

Additional Costs

Visit our Scholarships and Bursaries section to find out more as this may be used to support funding for field trips and placements.

Optional additional costs for Field Trips:

These are made available for students which are either subsidised, optional or part of an optional module of study. All compulsory field trips are paid for.
Costs for UK trips that are optional vary from £5 to up to £100 for a residential trip. 

The optional European Field Study Tour (Level 4) which is subsidised and part of an optional module is £500 and includes train travel across Europe, accommodation in the destinations normally in Paris and Switzerland, entry to attractions and some meals. Payment can be made in instalments equating to about £10 per week, £50 per month or block payments over a one year period.

The costs for the Faculty Educational Tour which is optional and part of an optional module is up to £1,000 for a 10 day trip to Malaysia normally via Doha and flying back from Singapore staying in 5 star hotels in Kuala Lumpur and Penang and including flights, bed and breakfast, main excursions and travel. This trip can be paid for over a 1 to 2 year period with monthly or block payments equating to about £10 per week. 

Added value of field trips:

Field Trips with behind the scenes tours, guest speakers and research opportunities bring the students learning alive and allow them to network with industry and develop career opportunities as well as giving them the opportunity to experience the venues and tourism industry.

Taith Funding

Taith Funding may be available to support field study trips which are linked to academic studies and cultural learning and may include Aspen, Colorado or Florida as well as other possible destinations including Slovenia and Malta.

Optional additional costs for Placement:

Students electing to go on certain placements to the USA or other destinations will be required to pay for their flights and visas. These are paid placements but the visa costs are paid by the students in advance. Current fees advertised for Summer Work and Travel Programme Visas in USA are £630 which includes insurance cover. Visa costs for a J1 visa for 12 months in US are currently advertised as £1425 and include Insurance. These prices are not controlled by the University and are subject to change by the Visa Sponsors and US Govt. Students working for certain organisations in destinations in the US and other locations will also be required to pay their own travel costs for some placements however these costs are again optional as there are other placements available where travel costs are paid. 

Please note that going to the USA on placement is optional and therefore these are optional costs.

Added Value:

International placements in USA offer the students opportunity to work for some of the worlds leading organisations. This provides them with excellent opportunities for learning and developing their professional guest service skills to prepare them for future management careers. During their placements they will be earning monies to cover the visa costs and travel costs, however, it must be noted that these placements are optional and the students can select paid placements in other destinations where there are no up front costs.

Bursary / Scholarship Information

Career development bursaries of up to £1,000 are available for students to support placements, internships and events volunteering. Students may also be eligible to apply for the Discover Project to support International Mobility to support short International Placement Experiences.

Visit our Scholarships and Bursaries section to find out more.


Visit our Swansea Accommodation section to find out more.