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Sport permeates all aspects of society and is often fundamental to peoples’ way of life. This degree will examine how sport is and can be used to promote health and wellbeing in communities and individuals. You will develop the skills to manage sport and exercise opportunities in a range of different groups.

This year the Sport portfolio celebrated fantastic NSS Results, scoring 95% Overall Student Satisfaction. The courses scored highly in nearly all areas, with graduating students leaving a glowing report of their experiences during the past three years.

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Key Facts

UCAS Code: 6T2N
Institution Code: T80
Course Length:
3 years Full-time,
Start Date: September

Tuition Fees for 2018/19:
£9000 (Home/EU students)
£11000 (Overseas students)
Scholarships and Bursaries

School of Sport, Health and Outdoor Education
Contact Name:
David Gardner
Contact Email:
Language Choice:
English   Welsh

To graduate with a BA in Sport and Health you will have gained an in-depth appreciation of the scope and importance that sport plays in shaping many areas of our society.

You will be able to choose from a diverse range of module options and specialise in areas you find most interesting, such as; coaching or teaching, promoting healthy lifestyles, the cultural impact of playing and supporting sport, or you may wish a more general programme.

Different from many similar courses in sport you will learn through doing rather than just sitting in a lecture room, with experiential learning at the heart of the programme. You will coach children, design and manage training programme for adults, conduct research in sports nutrition and develop strategies that promote sport as a way of enhancing personal and community health. However just obtaining a degree will not set you apart from all the other graduates. So as with all degrees in the School of Sport Health and Outdoor Educations your education is not limited to just obtaining a degree. You will have opportunities to qualify in a range of national governing body awards, health and fitness instructor awards as well as those in first and lifesaving.

The balance between academic rigour, experiential learning and vocational opportunities makes this degree unique. Small but specialised module groups provide a very hands on approach to your degree. You are and will be treated as an individual expressing your own opinions and achieving your own aspirations.

Health, Exercise & Society

This module examines the impact that sport and exercise has on the way in which we live. Why is sport important to so many people and is sport a good method of encouraging people to be more active.

Sport Psychology

A key aspect to successful performance is being mentally strong. This module examines why some people perform badly under pressure, whilst others thrive. You will research and apply strategies used to improve performance and develop mental toughness.

Nutrition for Sport and Exercise: Successful sporting performance and health is underpinned by effective nutrition. This module explores the key aspects of health and functional eating as well as reviewing the evidence of nutritional supplementations. You will conduct research examining the impact of specific diets or supplements at enhancing performance.

Perspective on Sport & PE.

You will identify an important topical question in sport or physical education and critically review current theory, research and opinion. You will rationalise your opinion and present that information to the rest of the group, leading debate and forming a consensus opinion. You will develop a keen understanding of the situations and context that influence that topic allowing you to be considered an expert in that area.

Coaching Pedagogy

What makes a good coach? Which is the best style? Are coaches born or made? These are questions you will evaluate throughout this module. You will examine the style and strategies used in top level coaching and critically review the effectiveness  coaches in elite sport. You will the evaluate your own coaching style and identify ways you can become more effective.  

The degree offers a unique blend of academic knowledge and practical experience and has been developed for students who want to pursue a career in coaching, fitness and health. You will also be able to progress onto teacher training post-graduate courses and Masters programmes.

The opportunities to gain additional awards will make you employable throughout the programme and give you experience working with the public – ideal for creating a focused and interesting CV.

As sports people we often like to work practically and interact with a variety of groups and organisation. Our Learning, teaching and assessment reflect these aspiration and will allow you to enter the workplace with confidence, once you graduate.

The majority of your course will be assessed using assignments that will be completed throughout the modules. A range of practical assessments will also be used to evaluate your ability to coach, conduct health and fitness assessments, and to present information.

96 UCAS points or equivalent.

Grades are important; however, our offers are not solely based on academic results. We are interested in creative people that demonstrate a strong commitment to their chosen subject area and therefore we welcome applications from individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. To assess student suitability for their chosen course we normally arrange interviews for all applicants at which your skills, achievements and life experience will be considered as well as your qualifications.

In addition to achieving a degree students will have the opportunity to demonstrate the competencies required to register with the Register or Exercise Professionals. To achieve this, the strong academic focus of the degree is supported by extensive practical experience in sports coaching and fitness assessment. Students will be able to support the University’s personal training and exercise referral services, which are available to staff and students of the University as well as the local population.

The University will also provide sport science support at local sporting events, providing advice and recommendations to competing athletes and their families. They will also gain experience working with other professionals, including, sports development officers, sport therapist and nutritionists as part of an interdisciplinary sport science support team. During their degree students will gain the skills required to conduct fitness and health assessments and depending on the option modules chosen will have the opportunity to qualify as gym instructors and gain various sports coaching award. Key to reaching their full potential is developing the ability to conduct and understand research. Students will be constantly challenged to critically review the latest research and conduct their own studies. Within the final year students will design and conduct their own research developing an area of specialism.

UK/EU Tuition Fees

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Overseas Tuition Fees

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Bursaries and Scholarships

You may be eligible for funding to help support your study. To find out about scholarships, bursaries and other funding opportunities that are available please visit our Bursaries and Scholarships section.

£30 induction overnight activity for all year 1 students 

Sports clothing (£80-£120) depending on course

Opportunities are available to gain a range of professional endorsed coach and fitness certificates including, gym instructor award, first aid, swim teachers award and lifesaving.

Information on application (dependent of academic and experiential background)

Students graduating from the degree will have the skills and knowledge to work as sports coaches and development officers in the areas of health or sport.

Depending on the modules chosen students may well have gained additional vocational awards in gym instruction or exercise referral and could therefore register with the Register for Exercise professionals. As such careers in health and fitness industry are an option for student graduating with this degree.

Other students have progressed onto postgraduate courses, such as the PGCE and a variety of Masters programmes.