Tourism Management (BA)

UWTSD ranked in the top 10 UK universities for course satisfaction in Hospitality, Event Management & Tourism – Guardian League Table 2019.

This exciting vocationally based programme will prepare you for a tourism management career in the tourism industry.

With a strong local and international flavour, students will gain a knowledge and understanding of Tourism Management in Wales whilst the international profile helps to create distinctive graduates.

Key Facts

UCAS Code: 46N9
Institution Code: T80
Course Length:
3 years or 4 years with Sandwich Placement
Start Date: September

Scholarships and Bursaries

School of Tourism and Hospitality
Contact Name:
Jacqui Jones
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The programme provides students with the vocational skills required to secure a highly successful career in tourism management. Throughout the course, students will focus on developing their employability skills and industry knowledge with exciting field study trips within the UK and overseas, internships and placements as well as a range of supporting lectures and tutorials to provide the academic under pinning.

Learning will be reinforced by core skills development focusing on management and leadership, an in depth understanding of sustainable issues and their relationship with tourism, as well as global hospitality and guest service which are central to the industry.

Year 1/ Level 4

  • The Global Tourism Village
  • Marketing Essentials
  • Academic and Industry Skills
  • Hospitality and Guest Service Management
  • Principles of Managing Organisations
  • The Events Industry

Year 2 /Level 5 

  • Management Practice
  • Research Methods
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Live Events Project
  • Study Overseas
  • Languages for Professional Purposes
  • Intercultural Communication
  • International Travel Operations Management
  • Event Design and Delivery
  • Sustainability, Hospitality and Tourism Management

Placements are quality assured by the University to ensure the relevance and appropriateness of the student learning experience. An extended sandwich internship option is also available.

Year 3 /Level 6 

  • Dissertation
  • Consultancy Project and The Global Student Conference
  • Strategic Tourism and Travel Management
  • Culture and Heritage Tourism Management
  • Leisure Attraction Management
  • Global Destination Management
  • Sandwich Placement
  • Strategic Festivals and Events Management

The programme is designed to develop your employability skills in preparation for a management career in the Tourism sector in the UK or overseas. Due to the programme’s strong links with international industry leaders, innovative learning strategies will be utilised in order to create distinctive locally and internationally focused graduates with the attributes and empowerment skills the industry requires.

There is a strong sustainability focus throughout the Tourism Programme and this topical agenda is central to the industry. You will consider in detail sustainable tourism initiatives as well as gaining an inter-cultural awareness and enterprise understanding in order to address the broader issues of sustainability.

The programme offers exciting internship opportunities for you to gain practical and vocational experience within the local or international tourism industry. Links with leading international employers ensure that the programme focuses on cutting edge industry skills in order to prepare you for success.

Opportunities are constantly reviewed and updated in order to provide dynamic and innovative opportunities with a strong guest service focus to prepare students for future careers and create distinctive graduates. International opportunities include Aspen Ski Company in Colorado USA, Rancho Valencia Resort in California, Valleyfair Theme Park in Minesotta, USA and The Jumeirah Group in Dubai, as well as local opportunities with Oakwood Theme Park, Swansea Bay Tourism, Local Authorities, Welsh Assembly Government and a range of local tourist and heritage attractions and providers including the National Trust and Museums and Galleries of Wales.

The friendly approach of the University allows early diagnosis of learning needs and support for skill enhancement. This includes respect for specialist needs. There is a learning support team who run regular workshops and tutorials in basic and advanced skill development. The close working relationships between the teaching team, students and the industry creates a positive active learning environment.

Students will be expected to be active in managing their learning experience, to be creative and to take initiative to develop themselves.

The course will provide a wide range of extracurricular activities both subject related and social including a range of exciting field study trips which will further enhance your student experience. Previous trips include London trips including an exciting visit to the Olympic Stadium, as well as trips to Pembrokeshire, Cornwall, Gower, Egypt and a train trip to Switzerland.

The programme will be assessed through a structured mix of assessments which will include assignments, essays, planning and organising events, management reports, debates, industry presentations and field study work as well as development records, exams, reviews, DVD’s and blogs. Assessments will also aim to support the development in managing ICT, communication, numeracy, problem solving, interacting in teams, critical appraisal, self-management and leadership.

80 UCAS points.

Grades are important; however, our offers are not solely based on academic results. We are interested in creative people that demonstrate a strong commitment to their chosen subject area and therefore we welcome applications from individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. To assess student suitability for their chosen course we normally arrange interviews for all applicants at which your skills, achievements and life experience will be considered as well as your qualifications.

On graduating, students from this programme have a successful track in securing a range of management and operational positions within the Tourism Industry locally, as well as UK wide and globally.

Specialist career pathways include; -

  • Tourism Management
  • Tourism Marketing
  • Heritage Management
  • Attraction Management
  • Event Management
  • Hotel Management
  • Travel Management

Excellent examples of previous students succeeding in the Tourism Sector include Managers at Walt Disney World Florida, Merlin Group, Oakwood Theme Park, Heritage Attractions, Visit Wales, Local and International Hotels, Ritz Carlton Resorts, Cruise Ships, Local Authorities, Tour Operators and Airlines.

UK/EU Tuition Fees

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Overseas Tuition Fees

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Bursaries and Scholarships

You may be eligible for funding to help support your study. To find out about scholarships, bursaries and other funding opportunities that are available please visit our Bursaries and Scholarships section.

Optional additional costs for Field Trips:

These are made available for students which are either subsidised, optional or part of an optional module of study. All compulsory field trips are paid for.
Costs for UK trips that are optional vary from £5 to up to £100 for a residential trip. 

The optional European Field Study Tour (Level 4) which is subsidised and part of an optional module is £500 and includes train travel across Europe, accommodation in the destinations normally in Paris and Switzerland, entry to attractions and some meals. Payment can be made in instalments equating to about £10 per week, £50 per month or block payments over a one year period.

The costs for the Faculty Educational Tour which is optional and part of an optional module is up to £1,000 for a 10 day trip to Malaysia normally via Doha and flying back from Singapore staying in 5 star hotels in Kuala Lumpur and Penang and including flights, bed and breakfast, main excursions and travel. This trip can be paid for over a 1 to 2 year period with monthly or block payments equating to about £10 per week. 

Added value of field trips:

Field Trips with behind the scenes tours, guest speakers and research opportunities bring the students learning alive and allow them to network with industry and develop career opportunities as well as giving them the opportunity to experience the venues and tourism industry.

Optional additional costs for Placement:

Students electing to go on certain placements to the USA or other destinations will be required to pay for their flights and visas. These are paid placements but the visa costs are paid by the students in advance. Current fees advertised for Summer Work and Travel Programme Visas in USA are £630 which includes insurance cover. Visa costs for a J1 visa for 12 months in US are currently advertised as £1425 and include Insurance. These prices are not controlled by the University and are subject to change by the Visa Sponsors and US Govt. Students working for certain organisations in destinations in the US and other locations will also be required to pay their own travel costs for some placements however these costs are again optional as there are other placements available where travel costs are paid. 

Please note that going to the USA on placement is optional and therefore these are optional costs.

Added Value:

International placements in USA offer the students opportunity to work for some of the worlds leading organisations. This provides them with excellent opportunities for learning and developing their professional guest service skills to prepare them for future management careers. During their placements they will be earning monies to cover the visa costs and travel costs, however it must be noted that these placements are optional and the students can select paid placements in other destinations where there are no up front costs.

This is an exciting vocational programme designed to develop distinctive and globally focused tourism management graduates. The programme is vocationally orientated and provides students with the hospitality and leadership skills vital for this sector as well as the academic foundations.

The sustainability agenda is integral to this programme along with developing sustainable globally focused employability skills. This will include an emphasis on developing your empowerment and enterprise skills.

Throughout your studies you will be given the opportunity to experience the tourism industry with learning brought alive through a range of field study trips and internships. Innovative strategies include the use of local and international field study trips and a focus on the use of case studies and real life tourism scenarios. Professional lecturing staff have strong industry links which help facilitate exciting opportunities for students to gain behind the scenes tourism experiences.