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Overnight trip to visit the Eden Project in Cornwall

By Alina Nadeem
Thursday, October 26, 2023

Staff members Sujeewa Herath and Howard Ng accompanied thirty-two Level 6 and 7 students on Business courses to visit the Eden Project in Cornwall.

The thirty-two students smile on a viewing deck with the distinctive hexagon-plated domes of the Eden Project behind them.

The Eden Project is a theatre of beautiful, rare and exotic plant species from around the world – a place to learn about sustainability and horticulture. Some attractions within The Eden Project that were visited include: the rainforest biome, the Mediterranean Biome with a pathway that takes you through 4 different Mediterranean climates and outdoor botanical gardens.

Students and staff were first met by a senior member of the Education Team who shared a condensed form of the foundational history of the Eden Project, particularly within the context of environmental, economic and social regeneration that dominated the local area (St. Austell, Cornwall). Members of UWTSD were then introduced to the contemporary gardens, ideas of connection with nature, and operations such as shops and cafes, and were invited to explore the Eden Project holding several key questions in their minds relating to the field trip’s outcomes of sustainability, sustainable business, and transformational change. To end the experience, the group and education team came together to share their thoughts about the Eden Project.

The students smile for a group photo at the side of a road; a few make the peace sign; one jumps up with his arms spread out.

The students gather round to listen to their guide at the Eden Project.

The students listen to the Eden Project guide.

The students sit in a classroom.

The students sit in a classroom; the guide sits at the front of the room next to a screen reading: Welcome to the Eden Project.

The students stand smiling on different levels on an old stone sea wall.

Charlestown Harbour: a inlet reinforced by manmade walls with a stony walkway to the right; the habour holds two tall ships and a fishing boat.