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Meet Some of Your Course Reps!

By Jessie Reid
Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Every term in Birmingham, the Student Union recruits Course Reps - students who want to make a difference and add valuable skills to their CVs. Although COVID-19 has resulted in studying remotely, they are still working hard. We meet a few of them below!

UWTSD Birmingham Reception Sign

Student Course Rep Stef

Stef - Course Rep for CertHe Skills for the Workplace: Health & Social Care

Stef was a COVID tester before she joined UWTSD, and this experience inspired her to go into Health & Social Care.

I was working in customer services, I've never worked in health or care for that matter. But I am a very caring person, I like to help. When I was looking through the courses, because I definitely wanted to do something like going to university, and I saw Health and Social Care and I thought yes definitely, that's so much like me... Also my husband has a head injury, so by learning things like this, I could perhaps spot things that I wouldn't have before learning everything about health and social care. It will also help me in my day to day life at home, caring for my daughter, for my husband and so on.

Stef didn't sign up to become a Course Rep. She was always helping her coursemates, and they nominated her as the best choice for their group.

They voted me in, and I'm happy they did because I feel like I would have missed out on a lot... Somebody said something in class, and they got good feedback on what they were saying, a nd she said, "Well it's because Stef helped me a lot with this."And it felt so good to help them get to that point. A nice warm feeling inside!

Stef loves learning and always works hardest when she is busy and under pressure. Alongside her studies and caring for her family, she is about to start working at a local care home.

I like learning. Even the care home said if I stay with them, I can pursue NVQs but I'm sure you won't be interested because you're doing University. I said no, I like to learn, I love to learn!

In the future, Stef would like to progress onto her Level 5 and 6 qualifications. She isn't sure what she'd like to do, but she knows she wants to work in healthcare.

I know for a fact that when I finish this year, I'm going to do the full three years, BA Health and Social Care so that's a definite... I've been reading about social care and what you do, and as a social worker, you can help so many people, from children that need assistance to help those that come from troubled homes... I take pride in everything I do, even if it's writing a little essay for school, I am a perfectionist.

 Student Course Rep Eva

Eva - Course Rep for CertHE Skills for the Workplace

Eva is studying CertHE Skills for the Workplace, after moving to the UK from Portugal. She studied a level 4 qualification in Portugal but needed a diploma in the UK. She chose to study with UWTSD because we were available to her during lockdown and offered her the qualification she needs to study International Tourism.

I am learning a lot, and enjoying it. It's very nice, I love it. I couldn't choose better, I chose the best course! At the moment, it's the one I need to be on.

She's currently working as a Shift Manager at MacDonald's and looks forward to seeing how this course can progress her career. Only in her first term of her CertHE, she put herself forward as Course Rep to seize every opportunity.

At the moment we have two modules: Digital Skills and Employability. I enjoy both, and I don't know why, but I enjoy Employability more because I like to look for things, I love learning.
First there were 4 of us who applied for it [Course Rep]. I just applied because I thought it will be useful later, and I went to Uni, not just to study but everything else, learn in every opportunity because I feel like it will be helpful for me in the future. So I decided to do it.