Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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There are a number of questions that can pop up as a prospective student. Check out the questions below to find out the answer.

Current students can also find key information on the Birmingham Student Services Moodle.

General Information

Where can I find my Council Tax or Bank Letter?

Log onto your MyTSD portal, then select the ‘Enrolment Details’ tab at the top. On the right-hand side of the page, you will find your letters there.

Can I borrow a laptop for classes?

The University is unable to loan out laptops to students. You are welcome to use the IT Suite facilities in our Sparkhill or Quay Place learning centres outside of class time for checking emails, completing coursework, etc. 

Can I get a bus pass discount?

Birmingham Campus does not offer discounts for travel but you can go directly to West Midlands to review their available student discounts. You will need to show your Enrolment Confirmation Letter to evidence your student status.

Can I use the car park as a visitor or student?

Car parking is only available at Quay Place or Sparkhill for blue badge holding students. If you are a blue badge holder, please contact Birmingham Student Services to discuss access. If you are not a blue badge holder and are looking for more information about travel to campus, please review your options here.


Can I request a reference from the University?

The University is unable to provide personalised references; however, we can confirm the attendance and course details of a student with their Enrolment Confirmation Letter (which you can find on MyTSD) with an official stamp.

How can I apply for Disability support while studying at Birmingham Learning Centre?

Please complete our Support Needs Enquiry Form to request more information about how we can assist you to study with UWTSD.


What do I need to do to apply for a course at UWTSD Birmingham?

The first thing you will need to do is apply using one of our online application forms. Once we receive this, we will invite you in for an interview where you will sit a 20-minute case study, be given more information about being a student with us and participate in an interview.

When attending your interview session, a valid passport, UK birth certificate, or Biometric card with a valid passport must be present with you.

How long does the course last?

This depends on which course you are looking to apply for. Certificate of Higher Education programmes are one year of full-time study. BA/BSc Degree programmes are three years of full-time study (though you may be eligible to complete some degrees in two years following successful completion of a Certificate programme).

Birmingham Campus accepts new students for three intakes: September, January, and May.


How much will the course cost?

The Tuition fee for all courses cost £9000 per year.

How many days will I be in class?

Depending on your chosen programme of study, most Birmingham Campus students are required to attend class two or three days each week.

Please note: The hours you spend in class are only a small percentage of the time you should expect to spend working toward your qualification. Generally speaking, you should expect to spend approximately two hours in independent study and learning for every one hour spent in the classroom.  


When will my classes take place?

Classes are taught Monday – Friday, 9:15 am – 17:45 pm.

Morning classes: 9:15 – 13:00

Afternoon classes: 14:00 – 17:45

All available timetables will fall within these days/times and can be selected after successfully enrolling onto the course. 

The University cannot offer any guarantees to students regarding the required days/times or teaching location for their chosen programme – students should be prepared to study on any of the days given by the University.

Evening and weekend-study options are available for certain courses.

What happens if I need to leave before finishing the course?

There may be situations out of your control leading to you wanting to withdraw from your course. We are always here to help and support our students through their time at Birmingham Campus and can offer alternatives to withdrawing depending on your circumstances.

Please visit our Withdrawing or Interrupting Your Studies section to find out more, or contact Birmingham Student Services.


How can I check my attendance?

Log into your MyTSD portal, scroll down and click on ‘Attendance’, you will need to choose the dates ‘from’ and ‘to’. It will show your overall percentage (%), then click on ‘show module breakdown’ to see a detailed record of sessions for which you have been marked ‘absent’ or ‘late’.

I have an appointment/scheduled event. Can I get an authorised absence?

We do not authorise any absences as per our 70% Attendance Policy. It is your responsibility to attend all lectures for their full duration.

What do I do if I need to stop studying mid-term?

Students do not have the automatic right to suspend or interrupt their studies, and must first discuss it with the University to seek approval. If you feel you are not able to continue your studies, you can speak to Birmingham Student Services about your eligibility to apply for an Interruption of Studies (IoS). With an IoS you can pause your studies and pick them back up in the next term. You can also find the forms on your Moodle.

I've received a first warning letter, but I’ve only missed 2 lectures. I thought I could miss up to 6 classes throughout the term.

The University uses three ‘intervals’ to check your attendance – Weeks 1-3, 4-6, and 7-10. If you miss lectures at the start of term, your attendance percentage rate will be below the required 70%. As you continue to attend classes, the rate will go back up. If you are concerned about your attendance after receiving a warning, please speak to Birmingham Student Services about your situation.  

Can I change my timetable for whatever reason?

Unfortunately, we are unable to make any changes regarding your timetable. If your timetable no longer works for you, please speak to Birmingham Student Services about your options to join a different group during the term break or apply for an Interruption of Studies (IoS). Remember that the University cannot guarantee that you will be able to secure a timetable of your choice.

IT Issues

How do I reset my MyTSD portal password?

When on the main UWTSD webpage, go to ‘Quick Links’ at the top. Then click the ‘MyTSD’ tab that will take you to the login page. On the right-hand side click ‘Click here to reset’, enter your credentials, and the University will send you a temporary password via your student email.

I have tried to reset my MyTSD portal password but it’s still not working. What can I do?

Contact Birmingham Admissions for them to reset your account with a temporary password. You will then be able to create a new password after that.

How do I log into my student emails?

When on the main UWTSD webpage, go to ‘Quick Links’ at the top. Then click the ‘Email 365’ tab that will take you to the login page.

Username: [student number]

Password: your University password.

Forgotten your password? Visit to reset it.

How do I log into Moodle?

When on the main UWTSD webpage, go to ‘Quick Links’ at the top. Then click the ‘Moodle’ tab that will take you to the login page.

Username: [student number]

Password: your University password.

Forgotten your password? Visit to reset it.


How do I log onto UWTSD WiFi when on campus?

When in either of Birmingham’s Campus bases, select the WiFi network ‘eduroam’ and use the following details to login:

Username: [student number]

Password: your University password.

Forgotten your password? Visit our Password Reset section to reset it.


How do I print when on campus?

You will have to top up your printer credit using a bank card before you will be able to print. You will then be able to print from any computer on campus to the printers, which are located in the Common Rooms of the Quay Place and Sparkhill learning centres.

When on the main UWTSD webpage, go to ‘Quick Links’ at the top. Then click the ‘Printer Credit Top Up’ tab that will take you to the login page. Use the following details to login:

Username: [student number]

Password: your University password.

Forgotten your password? Visit to reset it.


Student Finance

Can Student Finance England (SFE) pay for my course?

You can apply for the Tuition Fee Loan and Maintenance Loan through Student Finance England. The Tuition Fee Loan is not means tested; while the Maintenance Loan is means tested. Both loans must be paid back to SFE. Repayment terms and conditions, as well as further details, can be found on SFE’s webpage.

If you want more information, check here, or contact Birmingham Admissions.


Student finance say UWTSD has to confirm my attendance. When will that happen?

The University can only confirm your attendance once your application is complete with Student Finance England. The University confirms attendance for all students with complete accounts at the end of Week 2 of term. If your attendance has not been confirmed by then, you will need to get your Student Support Number (not your Customer Reference Number) from Student Finance England and speak to Birmingham Student Services.

I am struggling financially. Can the University help me in any way?

If you are struggling, the University may be able to offer you temporary support. You can access information about the Hardship Fund, as well as the relevant form and guidance notes, on your Moodle page. You will need to provide 3 months of bank statements and clearly complete the income and expenditure sections. It can take up to 3 weeks for the Hardship Fund form to be processed.


Can I apply for an extension on my assignments?

We do not have an extensions option; however, you may be eligible for Extenuating Circumstances (EC) if an incident outside of your power has affected your ability to submit an assignment. If you think you may be eligible for Extenuating Circumstances, please contact Birmingham Assessments to discuss your situation further.

What if I failed an assignment?

Students studying on undergraduate programmes are entitled to a maximum of three attempts to pass any assignment. Students studying on postgraduate programmes are entitled to a maximum of two attempts to pass any assignment.

The process for redeeming a failed assignment will differ depending upon your personal circumstances. You may be asked to resit (submit a new assignment) or rework (make corrections and improvements to your initial assignment). In certain cases, your failed assignment may be able to be condoned. Please speak with  Birmingham Assessments about any failed assignments.

How do I get my certificate or diploma?

Certificates and diplomas are sent to you by the University’s Registry using recorded delivery. Please ensure that the information concerning your mailing address in your MyTSD account is always accurate and up-to-date to ensure that these and other documents reach you in a timely manner. If you have any questions about your certificate or diploma reaching you, please contact Registry.

Where can I get my transcript(s)?

You can find a copy of your marks on MyTSD under the ‘Enrolment Details’ tab then click ‘Full Details’ next to each academic year. Official transcripts are sent out with your certificate or diploma.