Intrepid, business-minded student sets her sights on success

With a suitcase full of ambition and determination, 26-year-old Svetla Alexsandrova made the journey from Bulgaria to the UK and found UWTSD Birmingham in 2020.

"Since I was a teenager, I've been fascinated by the business world, and I have a natural aptitude for business and fashion,” Svetla says. Dreaming of attending university and starting her own beauty parlour within six years, she set about making these goals a reality when she came across UWTSD's Business Management programme.

With her heart set on success, Svetla met with a university representative to gain more information, then, grasping the opportunity with both hands, enrolled on the course to equip herself with the skills she needs to start her own enterprise.

"Coming to the UK has been a watershed moment in my life, and I am grateful for the opportunity to pursue my interests and grow professionally and personally,” she continues. “I fell in love with the thought of beginning my growth and development at UWTSD the moment they presented me with information about the course and the university."

Since beginning her studies, Svetla has valued learning from industry experts, and says: "I chose this course because it allows me to become acquainted with business matters, but what impresses me most is that the university provides opportunities to learn theory and practice from successful individuals, and the chance to work in a university setting."

But it’s not just academic learning. Soft, hard, and practical skills are embedded into all UWTSD courses, and extracurricular opportunities provide added value to the student experience, as Svetla points out: “I’ve had the best time volunteering at the university and assisting with the new student orientation.”

There’s plenty of scope for personal growth too: "My professors inspire me to believe more in my talents, and we had a couple of events with university counsellors that altered my life and taught me to view my ambitions realistically – and that anything is possible,” she continues.

"In the past, I faced numerous challenges, including writing essays, giving presentations, and perceiving new information in general; but thanks to the lecturers and other university staff, I was able to cope and develop my method, and gradually began to perform well and better.

"The course assisted me in honing a variety of professional skills, including speaking, writing, delivering presentations and reports, as well as my English proficiency. Personally, I was able to improve my social skills, self-esteem, and determination to pursue my objectives.

“I am appreciative and cannot describe how delighted I am to be a part of this course and the University community. My role as a University Representative and the ability to contribute to the University's progress and goals makes me extremely proud and happy."

Eric Osei, lecturer on the Global Business Environment module, says: “Svetla is inquisitive, agile-minded, and prepared. She cooperates very well with other students working in group assignments and is always taking leadership roles. She displays a friendly and pleasant attitude and is a likeable student who tries to get her views across in smaller case-group work and discussions.”

Svetla aims to achieve high marks in her Bachelors, then pursue a master’s degree, a hairdressing course, and subsequently go on to “transform lives with my abilities”.

She says, "In my opinion, if you are an ambitious, purpose-driven individual with dreams, this is the appropriate course and university for you. The University’s mission reads: Transforming Education, Transforming Lives… They assist you in following your dreams, pointing you on the best route to get there, and providing you with fantastic possibilities through their methods and approaches. This is an incredible adventure into the world of Business, and it will demonstrate that ambitions know no bounds or obstacles."

The BA Business Management at UWTSD’s Birmingham campus can be studied full- or part-time, on weekdays or weekends and is open to Home and International applicants.