Answer one of the following questions. If you choose to submit a written answer then complete within 750 words double spaced, font 12. If a vdeo-clip then complete within 7 minutes. Make sure your name and question number are clearly indicated.

  1. Is Heritage or Archaeology anything more than just a curiosity for old Castles and ruins?
  2. Who is your favourite Philosopher and why?
  3. We can never actually know what happened in the past so what is the point in studying it?
  4. We live in a secular world so studying religion is pointless. Discuss.
  5. The ancient world is long gone; it offers no insights into the present? Discuss
  6. In our globalised world why is Anthropology so important?
  7. Choose a favourite author or poet and explain why they are your favourite?
  8. Why will the C21st be known as China’s Century?
  9. What does the decision to leave the EU (taken at last year’s Referendum) tell us about modern Britain?
  10. Pick a particular event or person or theory which you believe is highly significant and explain why.