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The Business School has research interests in the following areas. 

  • Leadership and Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Sustainability
  • Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Social and Community Entrepreneurship
  • Sense of Place
  • Marketing
  • Technology Enhanced Learning

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PhD and MPhil programmes

The Business School welcomes enquiries and applications from individuals who are interested in studying for a MPhil or PhD, either based on our Swansea campus or as Distance Students.

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For examples of previous and current MPhil / PhD topics within the School, please see below.

Doctor of Business Administration

The Faculty offers a Full-time DBA programme on the London Campus, and a part-time blended learning DBA from the Swansea campus.

The DBA is aimed at individuals who want to combine academic research and applied impact.  The programme consists of 180 credits of taught modules and a 360 credit individual research project.

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Business School Research Degrees

Examples of current topics

  • What are the Attractions of Wales? – a critical analysis of visitor attraction databases to determine the current number of visitor attractions open in Wales.
  • Motivations of women sole traders in Ghana, 2009 – present
  • Indigenous micro-entrepreneurship – The effects of Culture, Age and Gender on Entrepreneurship in the Mayan Communities of Belize, 2013 – present.
  • How can entrepreneurship educators enhance undergraduate students’ opportunity recognition attributes, behaviours and skills in a higher education context?, 2014 – present
  • The Impact of Micro Branding on Performance Management in the German Craft Sector
  • The Critical Evaluation of the Influence of Management Training on Ethical Decision Making Intentions among Managers in Chinese Motor vehicle Manufacturing Industry.

Examples of completed degrees

  • Will Reeb (PhD)  (2014) The cross-cultural efficacy of interactive infographics.
  • Vasilis Mitsios (PhD)  (2014)  E-marketing in the Greek tourism sector.
  • George Omoroguiwa (PhD)  (2014)  Barriers to small business success in Benin City, Nigeria.
  • Christos Chatzichchristos (PhD) (2013) 
  • Akkawan Sangkipan (PhD) (2013) Motovations and positionality of women small business owners in Thailand. 
  • Natasha Ramkinsoon (PhD) (2012)  , Entrepreneurship Policy and Practice in Trinidad.
  • Xian Zhang (PhD)  (2011)  Governance in Chinese Family Businesses
  • Kwala al Mohammed  (MPhil)  (2002) Job Satisfaction amongst teachers in the UAE.
  • Dawn Pett (MPhil)   (1999) Management in the elder care sector.
  • Clare Fisher (PhD)  (1998)  An analysis of the craft sector in rural Wales.

Staff are active with a variety of external partners both within the UK, across Europe and further afield to deliver a wide range of project work.


SAW (Software Alliance Wales)
Contact: Associate Professor Roisin Mullins
The UWTSD hub is one of five HEI partners on the Software Alliance Wales project. The four stands of the project ensure close working relationships with businesses and organisations across Wales and complements the Welsh governments STEM agenda and provision of high tech training to the software industry especially across rural Wales. Further, students on Carmarthen, Llanelli and Faculty of Applied Computing Swansea campuses undertake SAW business projects. The project also has a humanities and heritage focus and the team contributes to events and course development in these growth areas.

Recent activities: WordPress training (2 Day courses), Search Engine optimisation and Google Analytics Training, 2 drop in Jelly’s, EduWiki Conference and Training and three small businesses become CompTia Trustmark + Accredited.

VocTEL (Vocational Technology Enhanced Learning)
Contact: Dr Alex Bell
Funded by Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation with a total project cost of 303,211 euros.
Six partner organisations across the five nations of Wales, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Sweden and Greece.
Two major outputs: UWTSD MA in Technology Enhanced Learning (Professional), targeted at the eLearning training and development industry and a final conference (Athens, June 2015) for the Vocational technology enhanced learning industry.

Pembrokeshire Entrepreunership Training (Interreg Inspire Project)
Contact: Dr Jill Venus
This project is a contract with Pembrokeshire County Council to run elements of their EU funded ‘Inspire’ project which is designed to provide local people with enterprise start-up assistance and support via training workshops and mentoring. Our contract involves delivery of training in the areas of Entrepreneurship and Creativity, market testing and validation, venture capital and risk management. Our contract also includes mentoring and finally the production of a Good Practice Guide for the while ‘Inspire’ project approach.

Value of Heritage in Carmarthenshire
Contact: Dr Jill Venus
This project is for WWEC and the Tywi Centre. Looking at the opportunities for economic and social development building on the heritage and culture of Carmarthenshire, to inform future bids under the next RDP and other EU funding. 

Rural Alliances
Contact: Dr Jill Venus
This Interreg IVB project works with 10 partners in Northwest Europe in France, Belgium, Eire, Netherlands and Germany and seeks to facilitate alliances between community and businesses in rural areas to develop sustainable communities and enhance social and economic Rural Vibrancy through the development of economic and social alliances between businesses and communities.

UWTSD work closely with Phillipps University, Marburg, Germany to provide theoretical input, development of frameworks and approaches and also to coordinate some elements of partner actions. We also chair the Policy and Advisory Panel of the project.

CoCreating Healthy Change
Contact: Dr Rachel Casiday

A contract with Cardiff Third Sector to undertake long term evaluation of this project across 10 delivery partners. In this case the Faculty is working in collaboration with the School of Social Justice and Inclusion.