10 Great Reasons to Make an Appointment

Lecturer and Student talking

10 great reasons to make a Careers Adviser appointment 

  1. Understand how to maximise your future employability during your time at university
  2. Develop Careers ideas that are meaningful to you 
  3. Free  
  4. Widely accessible: Available 51 weeks in the year, including summer period via Email, Telephone, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, face to face appointments, group sessions, Careers events and more
  5. Additional work experience support for those eligible (GO Wales)
  6. Fed up of wasting time reading questionable on-line careers articles? Then let the Careers guidance professionals help you develop a more time efficient, focused Careers research technique 
  7. 121 appointments provided in a friendly, supportive, confidential & non-judgemental environment  
  8. Using a people-centred approach, we put you & your unique story, values & beliefs central to the whole thing
  9. Our guidance practice is professional body led, informed by decades of high-quality Guidance impact research
  10. Not just here for you when things are great; also here for you when you really need help or are in crisis
  11.  ... and if you really do need a 11th reason:

Hannah Arendt

'Equality is the result of human organization. We are not born equal'.

Hannah Arendt (Political Theorist), 1906-1975

'Employability is the result of human Careers guidance. We are not born Employable'.

Anon (UWTSD Careers Adviser), c2018