Light bulb

If you feel that a Careers appointment is not for you then think about those activities which the data tells us improves student and graduate employability. For example:

1. Getting organised:

On-line/hard copy file, contacts list, research, wall planner, deadlines, CV, Careers information & more

2. Joining a club or society (university based or community):

Network while enjoying. Opportunities also to lead, organise, communicate, promote, create & more

3. Getting a Part-time Job:

Superb for building confidence, raw CV material and spare cash 

4. Volunteering:

10,000+ registered charitable/voluntary bodies in Wales. Significant range of quality work experience 

5. Networking - formally or informally:

Be curious. Meet people, ask questions and keep details. Keep in contact face to face or on-line 

6. Trying new things & experimenting:

University is not just about study. It's a great opportunity to discover & try new things and maybe challenge yourself in a wider sense than study

7. Starting a CV:

Even the very best CVs have to be written, and writing has a starting point. Whatever stage yours is, chances are we can help improve it

8. Researching, then researching effectively:

This is an attribute which can be learned and we can help you do so for Careers information 

9. Getting online but also observing the etiquette:

Web, informal social network, professional employment (e.g. Linkedin), Self-employment & freelancing (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Industry listing sites) 

10. Using your career service:

We are YOUR Careers Service, FREE at the point of service. What are you waiting for? 

The more things you do from this list above, and the better you do them, the higher the probability of developing your graduate employability and a career which is meaningful to you. 

However if you struggle with where to start, remember...


'It doesn’t matter where you start. Only that you begin’   

(Robert Sharma, Leadership expert)