Example Appointment Requests

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Listed below are examples of actual Student Careers queries raised when booking Careers Adviser appointments:

Note that Careers Advisers helped resolve all these queries through effective Careers Guidance practice at appointment.

"No idea what I want to do; how do I find Careers ideas to get started?"

"What can I do with my degree?"

"No particular reason for the appointment; just thought I needed a CV?"

"I don’t want to volunteer in a shop; how do I find degree related volunteering?"

"I have a Careers idea but I think it’s a bit daft … what do you reckon …?"

"I have a very independent view on what I want to do with my life; I don’t think working for a Graduate company in a suit is for me. What else can I do?”

"I have an idea of being a Web Designer but experience is needed. How do I get this?"

"I’m a second-year student but don’t know whether to go for this experience (Fitness Studio) or this other offer abroad (Casino Croupier); what do you think?"

"I’m considering a Masters (Social Science) but have been told there are  other study options following a degree; What do all these acronyms mean?"

"What is GO Wales and how can it help me get quality work eperience?"

"I need a part-time job to get money; how do I sort this?"

"I have a disability and don’t know how to handle this in applications?"

"My mate reckons we need to have a job-searching strategy; I’m baffled. What is this?"

"I want to look into setting up my own business. Can you help?"

"I don’t want to make piles of money; I want to change the world. What is a social enterprise and how do I set this up?"

"I am a Trainee Teacher seeking part-time work. Should I use Recruitment Agencies?  How? Which ones; there are so many?" 

"What is a PGDip and how does it differ to Masters?"

"How do I find and get a PhD and how would I fund this?"

"I am a first-year student and I think I have made the wrong choice of degree/university – I’m so upset; I’m afraid to tell my family. What do I do?"

"I am a final year student and everyone else seems to be sorted except for me; I’m in a panic. Please help!"

"I’m terrified of interviews but have one on Thursday. I can’t think for fear"

"I failed my year - what should I do now?" 

"I need a CV for Acting work. How do I do this?"

"I need help with this application form (online); what do they mean here in section 5?"

"Can you help with this personal statement bit?"; "Advice on word limit?"

"I have to do Psychometric tests online as part of the selection process; where can I get some practice?"

"I have lots of experience but struggle to write this as skills when applications ask for them; how do I do this?"

"How would you prepare for this interview?"

"You need some idea of what you want to be before using Careers Service"

Not true. Helping Students generate, research and compare ideas is something we do daily. This is a key part of our Professional training. 

"It’s for final year students”; “Let’s worry about that in the final year"

'Uni-time' flies! By looking at options in your first year, you can give direction to your search for quality work experience, and see how the role compares in practice to theory.  

"My Mam says ... everyone has a degree nowadays"

*Not only is this completely false, only 38% of 16-64-year-olds have a degree as do 43.5% of the workforce (end of 2016).

"There’s no jobs out there for Graduates"

*Not true. 2018 saw one of the largest increases in the number of Graduate jobs in the UK for many years.

"My mate says you’re better off not going to University"

*Wrong! Not only is there a substantial difference in average lifetime earnings between Graduates and non-Graduate cohorts, 2018 saw the gap grow to the biggest earnings premium ever (just under £10,000 average earnings difference over the lifetime).

"Graduate employers have so many applications that it’s not worth the bother trying"

**Though this is the case with some of the better known top 100 graduate employers, employers overall are still reporting recruitment shortages, and significantly so in many sectors e.g. Teaching, Surveying. In Wales, 88% of Service Sector employers reported recruitment difficulties in 2017-18.

"All the Graduate jobs are in London"

*Not true. At the end of 2016, 19.4% of UK Graduates lived in London and 21.6% started their Careers in London. Most Graduates never work in London.


* What do Graduates do? (Dr Charlie Ball, Head of HE Intelligence, Graduate Prospects, HECSU)

** Quarterly Economic Survey Q4/2017 (British Chambers of Commerce)

For more information on all the above why not just make that appointment with a Careers Adviser?