Not everyone feels ready to enter the Graduate labour market straight after their degree.

There are a range of destinations reported by Graduates other than ‘getting a job’. These include:

  • Student Union: Representative; President; Officer
  • Student Ambassador 
  • Business Start-up
  • Setting up a Social Enterprise 
  • Taking a Year out
  • Taking time out to investigate supported disability work provision
  • Working entry-level job to pay bills
  • Further studies
  • Vocational & professional training
  • Portfolio development
  • Volunteering in the UK
  • Working abroad 
  • Volunteering abroad 
  • Travelling abroad
  • Various combinations of the above

Should you be thinking about any of the options above, why not make an appointment with a Careers Adviser. We can help you research, compare and (most crucially) make the most of each scenario.

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