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Work experience of any kind is normally better than none at all and is a key factor in developing your employability during and after university.

If you need to find and get work experience you may wish to consider the following options with a Careers Adviser and if eligible, your local GO Wales contact.

GO Wales: Achieve through Work Experience is an employability programme aimed at young full-time students completing a higher education course.

We can help organise your work experience, provide finance and ongoing coaching and mentoring to ensure you get as much as you can from the experience. Our aim is to put you in a better position once you’ve left university, allowing you to get the job you want. If you would like to find out more, please visit our website.  

Due to the way we are funded, eligibility criteria apply so please click here to determine if you are eligible.  You can also contact the GO Wales team on:

Other sources for finding and getting work experience:

  • Your existing network – reflect, think and itemise potential contacts
  • Your Academic Lecturers (excellent source of ideas & contacts)
  • Local, National and International work experience providers
  • Voluntary Associations e.g. CAVS
  • Specific work experience websites
  • Free hard copy magazines (available from the Careers Service)

Your Careers Adviser would also take account of:

  • Originating options, ideas & choices
  • Comparing options 
  • Your preferred type and length of work experience
  • Preferred mix of specific, general or unstructured experience
  • Location and accessibility
  • Paid or unpaid
  • Whether any specifics of organisation, sector and role apply
  • Specific targets e.g. skills, knowledge, contacts
  • How to make the most of the experience

Your Careers Adviser can provide advice and guidance on specific routes or to help you get some ideas going. 

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