Work Experience & Volunteering

Careers Opportunities

Work experience of any kind is normally better than none at all and is a key factor in developing your employability during and after university.

If you need to find and get work experience you may wish to consider the following options with a Careers Adviser and if eligible, your local GO Wales contact. 

Sources for finding and getting work experience:

  • For those eligible, achieve through work experience with GO Wales 
  • Your existing network – reflect, think and itemise potential contacts
  • Your Academic Lecturers (excellent source of ideas & contacts)
  • Local, National and International work experience providers
  • Voluntary Associations e.g. CAVS
  • Specific work experience websites
  • Free hard copy magazines (available from the Careers Service)

In discussing the sources above your Careers Adviser would also take account of:

  • Originating options, ideas & choices
  • Comparing options 
  • Your preferred type and length of work experience
  • Preferred mix of specific, general or unstructured experience
  • Location and accessibility
  • Paid or unpaid
  • Whether any specifics of organisation, sector and role apply
  • Specific targets e.g. skills, knowledge, contacts
  • How to make the most of the experience

Your Careers Adviser can provide advice and guidance on specific routes or to help you get some ideas going. 

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