Our graduates have gone on to a variety of careers and further study, including Dancers/Performers, Teachers including inclusive dance practitioners, Choreographers, Health and wellbeing practitioners - fitness and personal training, Pilates instructors, Dance in Education, Movement Therapy, Community dance workers Suggested academic progress routes, MSc Dance Science and MA Choreograph and/or Performance.

Daniel Rowe

BA Dance

Dan Rowe

“...It’s really interesting to work with different choreographers”

“and to see how they all work so differently and come up with amazing projects in such different ways. It’s been really interesting to have people from different cultures and different styles come in to teach us. Our tutors are also really supportive of our needs – if we need anything, they’re always just an email away. They help us with our everyday lives as well as our futures.

I loved every second of my degree. Now I’m working towards being a dancer and choreographer. Since graduating, I have taken part in a week-long apprenticeship with a choreographer who collaborated with my class at university. I have gained experience, skills and contacts that will help me succeed.”