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We place acting as the main focus of BA Perfformio students' education. The students are introduced to acting Techniques such as Stanislavski, Meisner and Michael Checkov and they have the opportunity to master terminology in order to promote communication in the rehearsal room, developing an effective link between actors and the actor’s physical imaginary ability.

Our combination of workshops, practical projects, improvisational work, and traditional lectures will give the students the opportunity to not only develop their performance skills but also their critical and evaluation skills that will enable them to do their best work on stage and screen.  Basically, what we offer the students is a valuable toolkit that will expand the imagination and raise the performer’s creative ambition.

During Level 4 there is an introduction to acting Techniques such as Stanislavski, Meisner and Checkov and an introduction to Mamet and Tim Ettchells ideologies. Through the Project modules the students will be expected to apply a number of Techniques and movement to a variety of texts and acting situations. Through the 'Crefft yr Actor' (Craft of the Actor) weekly sessions the Student will grow in confidence as an actor, learning the links between breathing, sound, thought, the word, rhythm and emotion. By working as part of an ensemble the students learn key technical vocabulary, listening skills and the importance of concentration.

Level 5 furthers the student’s awareness of the importance of showing relevant dedication in order to deepen their acting ability with the help of rehearsals. It develops and deepens the students’ theoretical and analytical ability to discuss processes in a practical context. It will deepen the performer’s technical foundation, physical and vocal responses as well as their professional discipline. During this level, creating and devising is introduce through workshops and projects such as the 'Theatr Gymreig' (Welsh Theatre) module.

By Level 6 the students are ready to undertake work on substantial theatre presentations. The students have the opportunity to hone the core skills developed in the programme's previous modules and to work with Professional directors in preparation for the industry.

Training Content

  • Psycho-physical Acting – Stanislavsky, Chekov and Meisner techniques
  • Theatre of the Absurd
  • Naturalistic Theatre
  • Welsh Theatre
  • Acting for Film and Television
  • Shakespeare
  • Analysing text
  • Ensemble work
  • Stage fighting
  • The Voice as an Instrument
  • Emphasis on games and play
  • Good practice in rehearsal and performance space
  • Crossection of roles of a ‘company'
  • History of the Theatre 


  • The Actor’s Craft
  • The Word and the Music
  • Voice 1 + 2
  • Acting
  • Practical projects 1 - 5
  • Final Exhibition
  • Production 1 + 2