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We believe that the ability to move/dance is an important tool for any actor or singer. Although your training as a dancer will concentrate on the development of your technical skills, you will also develop as a creative artist who can communicate emotionally with an audience, through the medium of dance.

During Level 4 weekly practical Ballet, Modern, Jazz and Tap dance classes are held in order to develop techniques and skills across the four disciplines.

At level 5the students will concentrate on developing their dance technique within the Musical Theatre field. By the time they reach Level 6, the aim is to ensure that students have received the relevant skills to be able to dace within Productions at a professional level.

Training Content

  • Barre Work – Plies, Tendus, Glisses, Rond de Jambes, Frappes, Adage, Grand Battement.
  • Centre room work – Ports de Bras, position of the feet, preparing for pirouettes and individual pirouettes, Petit Allegro and travelling sequences.
  • Jazz Plies, Jazz Tendus, Jazz arm gestures, insulations, Jazz kicks and pirouettes.
  • Gait, jumps and Jazz travel sequences
  • Individual beats – Tap, Brush, Hop, heel beats and toe beats
  • Composition Beats – shuffles, lifts, cramp role, basic single time steps.
  • Modern Techniques of Graham, Cunningham, Humphrey and Limón


  • The Body
  • Dance
  • Final Exhibition
  • Production 2