Developing singing skills is very important to any performer. Through a combination of voice, singing and vocal training the students develop a very broad repertoire.

The students are introduced to early works from the Baroc era, Gilbert and Sullivan operettas, the work of Rogers and Hammerstein, and a wide range of modern musical by composers such as Sondheim, Lloyd Webber, Schwart, Robert Brown, Piesk & Paul and others.

Through a combination of individual and Group classes at Level 4 the students are introduced to elements of singing as part of the actor training, concentrating on the text's importance. Aspects such as characterisation, interpreting narrative and also development of a wide range of repertoire to enhance performance are discussed.

One to one lessons available weekly at Level 5. Students will receive individual coaching to develop performance techniques throughout this period. The students will analyse a wide range of technical skills, and the Process of preparing and presenting a performance e.g. technical strengths and weaknesses, their accuracy with regard to style, their interpretation (and pronunciation for singers).

There will constantly be opportunities to critically reflect on their achievements, and they will be expected to keep a diary of their development. In addition, they will have the opportunity to take part in Master Classes. Critically analysing performances by Professional musicians will be an additional feature of the coaching on offer.

The Level 6 modules provide experience, which equates to a professional one, of working on a musical production with practitioners from the industry. It gives the students a chance to combine the acting, singing and dancing skills they developed during Levels 4 and 5. This period challenges the students to hold a series of consecutive performances of a high standard.