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Managing Retail for Growth (CertHE)

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The retail industry continues to grow and diversify amid an environment of global change.

This programme is designed for anyone working, or anticipating working, within any retail industry: High Street, Banking, Car Sales, Supermarkets etc.

Whether you are currently in a management role or aspiring to develop your career into a retail management setting, this programme will give you the knowledge, skills and competencies required.

The aim of the programme is to develop your skills, competence and confidence as a retail manager through participating in these industry-led modules.

Managing Retail for Growth is available through a blended learning approach. This means that students will attend online learning and tutorials and will be given the opportunity to attend a conference throughout the year.

We welcome and encourage applicants who are working within the industry, but this is not a requirement of the course.



Visit the University's apply section to find out more.

For Further details, contact Managing Retail for Growth Admissions Tutor Laura James: laura.james@uwtsd.ac.uk.

Applicants to full-time courses can apply through UCAS. Applicants to part-time courses, or who wish to begin a course in January or April, can apply through the University.

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Contact Email: Laura.james@uwtsd.ac.uk
Contact Name: Laura James

Tuition Fees 2023/24:
Home (Full-time): £9,000 per year
Overseas (Full-time): £13,500 per year

Why choose this course

  1. Be part of a forward-thinking learning community that will shape the future of retail
  2. Develop your skills in retail management to enhance your employability
  3. Benefit from academic staff who have significant experience in the industry
  4. Join a programme that offers excellent pastoral support through online and face to face means
  5. Study Retail Management to grow your team and develop your career.

What you will learn

Course Overview

If you are ready to advance your future in retail management and develop growth for the industry then this programme is the platform you need.

The Managing Retail for Growth programme offers you the opportunity to develop your ability to respond to the changing retail environment through industry centred modules.

As a Managing Retail for Growth student, you will be led by motivated and supportive staff who have significant experience in managing for growth. Through our innovative teaching approach you will join be encouraged to work with your learning community through practical work-based activities.

Managing Retail for Growth has the following aims:

  • To increase students’ understanding of retail management for growth purposes through both customer centric and organisational performance methods
  • To provide continuous professional development for those already working in the retail management industry or to provide an introductory qualification for those who aspire to make a career in the field
  • To provide the knowledge and skills to understand, analyse and develop growth within the retail sector environment. 
  • To prepare students for future challenges within the retail sector
  • To prepare students for further study
Module Topics

You will learn a variety of topics which will help to increase and embed your understanding of retail management for the purpose of growth.

You will develop an understanding of how to manage a sales force effectively through positive coaching, mentoring and performance management techniques.

In addition, you will learn about customer relationship management and how to promote this within your team.

You will also learn how to manage successfully for growth in an ethical way and further your understanding of creating a sustainable retail workforce through effective and ethical methods.

We will also teach you how to analyse targets through a number of techniques to give you the tools to flourish in a retail environment.

The modules will give you the opportunity to develop your learning further through practical activities and the development of competencies.


The programme is assessed through a variety of methods, both academically and practically and are designed to advance the students level of problem-solving, understanding and critical thinking skills.

Assessments within the programme are often linked to industry examples and opportunities for practical activities which encourage learning through formative assessment are given throughout the programme.

Graduate Attributes Framework

This Framework aims to develop your professional skills and competence alongside your academic subject knowledge. You’ll study up to 40 credits per level throughout your programme from the Graduate Attributes Framework.

The Graduate Attribute modules are designed to enable you to develop, and evidence, a range of career-focused skills related to your subject area. These skills include digital competency, research and project management, as well as such personal competencies as communication, creativity, self-reflection, resilience and problem-solving. 

Managing Retail For Growth

Key Information

Entry Criteria

We welcome applications from individuals who want to further their career within a retail management environment and encourage applicants from a wide range of backgrounds.

We consider applicants based on their skills and experiences and not solely on academic achievements.

For applicants under 21 years of age, we require one A-Level or NVQ level 3. Other awards including Edexcel awards, as well as a range of other certificates at this level from UK, EU and International bodies are accepted.

Career Opportunities

By studying Managing Retail for Growth, you will achieve the skills and understanding of how to effectively manage a team to promote growth in the retail sector.

The programme engages with industry case studies and the conference events will encourage students to engage with guest lecturers to enrich their experience. 

We strongly believe that retail managers need to be equipped for a changing future environment and this programme will help equip you with the confidence and tools to adapt and diversify your techniques.

Successful graduates are given the opportunity to apply for Level 5 entry to BA Leadership and Management (Skills for The Workplace).

Additional Costs

Although some students do wish to invest in additional materials for modules, such as books etc., it is possible to complete this programme with no additional costs.

The University has an excellent online library which enables all of our students to get access to many resources with no extra cost.

Bursary / Scholarship Information

You may be eligible for funding to help support your study.  To find out about scholarships, bursaries and other funding opportunities that are available please visit our Scholarships and Bursaries section to find out more.

Further Information

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions related to the University or to this course in particular.