If you require a certificate or transcript, please read the information provided in the drop-down sections below and email Registry at registry@uwtsd.ac.uk. It can take up to eight weeks to receive your certificate.

If the Certificate/Diploma you were issued was not produced by this University (or its predecessor colleges), you will need to contact the Examination Board that issued the certificate in the first place (BTEC, Edexcel, UW, UWE, City & Guilds, WJEC etc.) for a replacement. We can only issue replacement certificates issued by this University (or its predecessor colleges). If you are looking for confirmation of the achievement of a certificate or diploma, see the Transcript request details, which also apply to requests for Confirmation of Awards or Attendance. Please note that any HND/HNC/OND/ONC certificate issued prior to the creation of BEC and TEC (later BTEC) cannot now be provided by any organisation, as the Awarding Bodies that issued those certificates no longer exist. If you attended and achieved one of those qualifications prior to 1980, you should apply for a confirmation letter, not a replacement certificate.

  • Certificates for University of Wales Awards

The University of Wales will issue replacement certificates only in specific circumstances. Details of those circumstances and an application form can be obtained from the UW website

  • BTEC Certificates and Diplomas from January 1983 – May 2005

Replacement Certificates are obtainable from Pearson

  • WJEC Certificates

Replacement Certificates are obtainable from WJEC

  • City and Guilds Certificates

Replacement Certificates are obtainable from City and Guilds 

  • University of the West of England (or Bristol Polytechnic)

Replacement Certificates are only issued by UWE in exceptional circumstances

  • CNAA

The Council for National Academic Awards [CNAA] was the largest single degree-awarding body in the United Kingdom until it was abolished by the 1992 UK Further and Higher Education Act. The Open University Validation Services accepted responsibility for the care and maintenance of certain CNAA records and for providing appropriate access to them. Although it is not possible for OUVS, or any other body, to provide certificates or to issue a duplicate or replacement certificates relating to CNAA awards, it does offer a Pro-forma verification document styled in a similar format to an award certificate. Further information 

  • Certificates/Diplomas produced by the University

We will issue replacement certificates only in the circumstances set out below. Temporarily mislaying a certificate is not considered sufficient grounds for replacement.

    • Applications for replacement certificates will be granted provided that the student submits a signed statement confirming that the original certificate has either been lost or destroyed. A fee of £30.00 (inclusive of VAT and postage) will be charged. Cheques should be made out to University of Wales Trinity Saint David and submitted to the Registry at Swansea campus, together with a completed and signed form.
    • The following charges apply from 1 April 2012:
      • Standard Charges (including VAT at the appropriate rate and second class postage)
      • Replacement Certificate (one only) £30.00
      • Supplementary Charges (including VAT at the appropriate rate and second class postage)
      • Posting overseas £5.00
      • If sent by Courier company £30.00 per address
    • In the case that a certificate has been damaged, the certificate should be returned to the Registry at Swansea campus and, at the discretion of the Registry, a new one will be issued free of charge.
    • Replacement certificates will be dispatched within 28 working days from the receipt of the signed declaration on the attached form.

(NB: If you are looking for a replacement certificate, look at the guidance for 'Replacement Certificate/Diplomas')

Students are routinely issued with an academic transcript /Diploma Supplement at the end of their studies at University of Wales Trinity Saint David. One copy will be issued free of charge to all students when they have completed their studies. However a fee will be charged for additional copies or replacement copies.

You will need to complete the Request for Transcript/Confirmation of Awards/Attendance Form, which details all of these fees and options of how you can pay for them and asks you to provide the information we need to supply you with the documents. However, before you complete the form, please read through the notes below.

Request for Duplicate Final Transcript/Confirmation of Awards/Attendance

  • One copy of your final transcript (the full record of your academic study) is issued free by the Registry on completion of your programme of study (via a Diploma Supplement) or on withdrawal from your programme of study if requested.
  • You may request additional copies of your final transcript by following the procedure detailed below. Payment must be made with your order. You will have to complete the form for Academic Transcripts and submit the correct fee before the documents can be supplied.
  • The following charges apply from 1 September 2012:
    • Standard Charges (including VAT at the appropriate rate and second class postage
    • First Copy (Award October 2005 or after) £10.00
    • First Copy (Award September 2005 or before) £30.00
    • Additional Copies (if ordered at the same time) £5.00 per copy
    • Supplementary Charges (including VAT at the appropriate rate and second class postage)
    • Posting overseas for £5.00
    • If sent to more than one address £5.00 per additional address
    • If sent by Courier company £30.00 per address
  • It will normally take up to 3 weeks to receive your transcript, once your form has been received and processed; assuming your payment details have been cleared immediately.
  • If you studied here in or before 2000, your request may take longer to process. You are advised that Swansea Metropolitan University cannot guarantee that Swansea Institute of Higher Education, West Glamorgan Institute of Higher Education, Swansea College of Technology, Swansea College of Art or Swansea College of Education records will have survived for the year of your award. In particular the College of Art records are very patchy and all college records for the years 1981-1987 may not exist. The search fee is un-refundable.
  • It is not always possible to supply a full breakdown of individual marks or %, as regulations of some examination boards prohibit this, and in such cases, that information is not always available in the Archive records. In such instances, you will be given an overall result and modules with be shown as P(ass), M(erit) or D(instinction).
  • If you only want confirmation of the award you gained and the dates you attended, this will be done via a 'To Whom It Concern' Letter, on SMU headed paper. Such letters are generally recognised as confirmation that you did gain a specific qualification, at a particular time, but they are not recognised as certificates. If you have lost your certificate or diploma you should apply for a replacement. See the SMU Request for a Replacement Certificate/Diploma Form for full details.
  • Transcripts/Letters may be collected if you let us know in advance, or will be sent out by post.
  • If you discover that a prospective employer, other University or educational establishment or other external body (e.g. the Australian Immigration Service) requires details of the programme or module(s) content, in addition to the detail recorded on the transcript, please contact the University Records and Archives Office. If available, details for most programmes can be provided, although there is a charge (see below). Copyright issues may prevent supplying the whole document, but syllabus and module detail can be supplied.
  • Syllabus/Programme Content/Module Details £25.00 per set