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Don't Put Your Career on Hold

We recognise that, for you, this is a moment of real concern and worry. With changing A level grades, problems with University places, fears about deferring for a year or not getting the course you want, and all on top of an anxiety about what University life will be like within an environment still shaped by the COVID pandemic.

No generation of teenagers have had such a stressful time of it. So we want to help you through this period of uncertainty, to make sure you get onto the career path you have worked so hard to achieve. There are 4 easy steps through which we can help you:


Don’t defer your place or your University career if you don’t want to. Let us help you find the place you deserve. 


Be assured and confident about coming to University in September. Our efforts over the last 3 months have been to make that experience a safe and happy one. Our staff are busy making arrangements to ensure both your teaching, accommodation and social life will take place within a secure, safe and fulfilling environment.


Talk directly to us .  ….  And we will connect you directly to a course or programme manager to discuss all aspects of your course, your study and expectations. We believe in a personalised learning experience, with a direct access to our lecturers and tutors, so start that conversation today.


Join one of our ongoing online virtual tasters workshops to meet other students and discuss every and any topic you’d like, as a means to reassure you that your University experience with us will be the rich, rewarding and personalised experience you’ve always wanted.

Whether you’re making a return to education after some time away, or if you’ve changed your mind about taking a gap year, it’s not too late to apply. You can start your application online now or call us on 0300 323 1828 to discuss your options.

We do not have access to the Centre Assessment Grades. As soon as you have received official confirmation of these grades, please contact clearing@uwtsd.ac.uk, so that we can advise you.