Accommodation General Advice FAQs

Our main focus is providing you with a good experience, meeting your needs and keeping you safe. In doing so, we have had to put some limitations in place, and have answered some of your frequently asked questions below.

Third Term Accommodation Rent **Updated 01.04.21**

After Easter, the University is looking to offer blended learning provided the Covid numbers remain low over the next two weeks.  For this reason, we are extending the rent break until you return to Campus, and your course resumes.      

This does not mean that you cannot return before if this will help with your studies and/or situation;  you’ll just need to inform the Accommodation Office by emailing ,  giving us at least 3 working days’ notice before your proposed return date. This is so we can manage your return, and to ensure you have your Covid test before you move into halls.

You will have now received an email about this, but please give  an email if you haven’t received anything.

My course is remaining online, how can I come and collect my belongings?

If you’re course does not return to blended learning before the end of your Licence agreement and you are not planning on returning to Halls of Residence, you’ll firstly need to inform the Accommodation Office by emailing  who will contact you to arrange a suitable time and day for you to pick up your belongings.

My course is returning to blended learning, but I no longer want my room?

You will have entered into a Fixed Term Contract with the University, therefore if your course returns to blended learning, you will need to pay the rent for your room from the date blended learning commences to the end of your Licence Agreement.

How can I book a room if I have left my private Accommodation provider?

If you need to book a room as you’ve come out of your contract with a private accommodation provider or landlord, pop an email over to   

There are available rooms on our campuses at Lampeter, Carmarthen and Swansea  the prices range from £20-£25 a night.  This will be confirmed with you when you get in touch with us, and we’ll work with you and your budget.

Covid-19 Testing

You will be required to take a COVID test before entering halls.   You can arrange this yourself at home and email the result to  and have it available to show the security team, or you will be able to book a Covid test at the University via the Covid Test Centre Booking system here.


UWTSD accommodation Rent Rebates **Updated 01.02.21**

Further information will be sent from the accommodation team to your student email.

UWTSD Accommodation Routine Maintenance **Updated on 02.02.21**

For building compliance, we will need to enter all unoccupied rooms to run the water and ensure that the room does not require any maintenance in your absence.

Can I return to halls?

The University recommends that students stay where you are currently and continue your studies and other University activities online. Our recommendation is that you plan your return to halls to coincide with the resumption of in-person teaching on your programme, which is being rolled out across the University in a phased approach.

On your return to halls, you must arrange a time for a test via the accommodation office by emailing If you do not have a test you will be placed in temporary halls and asked to isolate for 10 days. Should this be the case, please ensure you have all the supplies you need to support your isolation.

What if I am already back in halls?

If you have already returned to halls, then the University is recommending that you remain and do not travel back home unless your travel falls into the exempt categories outlined by Welsh Government.

If you have queries, please get in touch with the accommodation office by emailing

What if I need to return to collect items from my room?

We will look to support your request depending on local and national restrictions, please get in touch with accommodation office by emailing so we can consider your request.

What support is available to me in halls?

We are still maintaining your post and parcel service as well as attending to cleaning in your communal areas. We will continue to provide a maintenance service and react to any alarms and emergencies.

You can still order food through the Blasus App in 1822 Lampeter and Merlin in Carmarthen though our hours and menu will be reduced

There is also a range of online support accessible via the Hwb.

Will I be able to access study spaces?

Currently the majority of the University facilities and services are operating on an online basis. These will return in a phased approach and you can view what is open and available to you here.

Please contact Student Services if you are struggling with your studies on campus. Together we can work out how best to support you.

What if I am struggling to cover essential day to day purchases?

The Financial Support team in Student Services remain available to support you, you can access the respective Advisor for your campus here.

What if I am struggling to pay my mortgage?

Covid-19 specific advice for homeowners in Wales can be found here, including specific advice on what to do if you are having difficulty paying your mortgage during the pandemic.

The University’s Financial Support team in Student Services remain available to support you, you can access the respective Advisor for your campus here.

What support is available to residents in Wales?
UWTSD accommodation and COVID measures
What does a household mean?

We will be treating each individual flat in Carmarthen and Lampeter, and in Swansea,  those that share a kitchen as a 'household'. This will apply to Carmarthen, Lampeter and Swansea accommodation.

Your household will be the people that you can interact with closely each day. Please see the latest Welsh Government guidance on moving into shared accommodation and living as a household.  You must socially distance with anyone who is not in your household.

Further information on living as a household will also be provided when you arrive in your accommodation.

Can I have visitors on Campus?

Please refer to the Welsh Government guidelines for the latest information on households, social gathering and extended bubbles.

Can I have visitors from off campus?

Visitors/overnight guests from off campus are not allowed into your household at the moment.   You are able to visit your parent/guardian(s) outside of your own flat, however you must discuss this with the Accommodation Team beforehand to ensure safety of all. Anyone who is not within your household or household bubble, will have to adhere to social distancing.

Where can I socialise outside?

There will be outside areas available for you to socialise, but you will need to maintain social distancing. You will be notified of these areas when you arrive with us.

Do I have to wear a face covering?

If you are living in University accommodation, and you and your flat/house mates have formed a household,   you are not required to wear a face covering within your household.  However, in communal spaces and shared corridors outside your household, a face covering is advised.

Wearing face coverings on public transport in Wales – including buses, trains, trams, taxis, boats and aeroplanes – is a legal requirement. Everyone aged 11 or over travelling on public transport needs to wear a face covering.

Face coverings are not compulsory in private vehicles such as your own car, or anywhere else outside a public transport vehicle (such as bus stops and railway stations),  but we are advising that you wear a face covering in confined or busy spaces, where social distancing is difficult.

Where can I find the latest information on Covid-19?

The University’s website is always updated with the latest advice and information which you can find here: Any urgent information will be sent to your student email.

We also advise you to take a look at the Welsh Government’s advice, which you can find here:

How will the Accommodation team communicate Covid-19 advice and guidance?

The Accommodation Team will communicate via posters in your kitchens, and communal areas, advising you on how to wash your hands, and what symptoms to look out for.   Any updated advice or guidance will be communicated via your student email address, or the email address you supplied to us when applying for accommodation.   Any posters will also be updated, as well as informing you via Social Media. 

How are the Accommodation team managing those with symptoms and isolation cases?

If you live in shared accommodation, you must tell those you live with if you:

  • Feel unwell and think you may have coronavirus
  • Have been advised to self-isolate

Stay at home if you or someone you live with is showing symptoms of coronavirus.

For the up to date list of symptoms and details of how to self-isolate, follow Welsh Government guidance.

If you are symptomatic, call NHS 111 for help and advice and call NHS 119 to order a test.

If you need to self-isolate, have symptoms, or have tested positive for coronavirus, please notify the University immediately by getting in touch with the Site Operative. You will have received information on how to contact them when you arrive with us. They will escalate the alert and ensure your isolation period is managed.

How are the Accommodation team managing quarantine?

Before you arrive on campus, we will have prepared a quarantine area for you. This may be your allocated room and flat, or this may be a different room or flat to your initial allocation. We will ensure that we give you all the support, advice and guidance you need throughout the 10 days to ensure you arrival on to campus is a safe one.

Who is responsible for cleaning the communal areas?

We will be providing you with an initial cleaning pack, and it will be your responsibility to ensure your kitchen and communal areas are kept clean. Don’t worry about stairways or lifts – our cleaning team will be taking care of these areas. We ask that you pay careful attention to surfaces and switches etc, and we advise that you do not share crockery and cutlery. Our Site Operatives will be attending your flat once a week to check on the cleanliness of the kitchen and communal areas and will report any issues to the Accommodation Team.

Who is responsible for cleaning my own space?

You are responsible for cleaning your own room and en-suite bathroom. You will need to ensure you keep your room clean, paying extra attention to the frequently used areas such as door handles and light switches.

What happens with maintenance or compliance requests?

From time to time we may need to enter your building, flat or room to complete maintenance or compliance requests.  When this happens, you will be given 24 hours’ notice, and you will also be given steps to adhere to so that we are able to complete these requests, as well as keeping you and our staff safe. This could be moving to the kitchen area if we need to access your room for example, or asking you to not use the kitchen between certain hours for us to complete work in there. If, when our Maintenance or Compliance Team attend your building, flat or room, notice incidents of breaches of your Covid-19 responsibility, these will be reported and escalated via the Code of Conduct Pathway.

When can I apply for a free student car permit?

There is no need to register for a parking permit this semester. Students can park for free in the allocated zones available here: 

Parking zones without a permit.

Operations are in discussions with ECP on how to manage the parking over COVID.

Further guidance can also be found here: