Last Updated: 23 June 2021

The health, safety and well-being of our staff remains a top priority for us as we increase our staff presence on campus over the coming weeks and months. We appreciate that you and your team members may have questions and we regularly update the Frequently Asked Questions in line with the latest Welsh and UK Government guidance. We are monitoring the situation and will continue to update the information accordingly.  Please check this website regularly to keep up to date with latest advice.

For staff related queries not covered by these FAQs please email

Student related queries should be directed to the Hwb 

Important information for Managers

Return to Work on Campus

A member of my team is concerned about returning to work on campus, what reassurance can I offer about the safety measures in place?

The University would want to support staff who are returning to working on campus. Managers should in the first instance, reiterate the existing measures and controls in place to ensure a safe working and learning environment.

These include physical distancing, enhanced hygiene and cleaning, for example:

  • increased signage across our campuses reminding you of social distancing requirements
  • markers on the floor, inside and outside
  • a one-way system and wherever possible, there will be one way in and one way out of our buildings
  • limiting seating and numbers of people who can be in certain rooms and spaces.

The University requires that face coverings are used by staff, students and visitors in indoor public spaces (e.g. corridors, communal areas and libraries), teaching spaces and in outdoor spaces where social distancing is difficult.

In addition, for those programmes of study which include a practical element the University has, where appropriate, undertaken a review of risk assessments and as necessary, introduced additional measures such as enhanced social distancing requirements.

It is imperative for all staff and students attending campus, irrespective of whether or not they have had a negative test or if they have been vaccinated, that they must continue to follow the guidance regarding social distancing, face coverings and hand hygiene at all times. The University will be reinforcing this message throughout its communications to staff and students. Please share this short video outlining the measures in place to safeguard staff and students with members of your team who are returning to work on campus.

Staff returning to work on campus for the first time should also undertake the Return to Campus online module, which is available to download here.

Can a member of staff refuse to attend campus if they are concerned?

The University would want to facilitate a conversation to listen to any concerns staff may have and to discuss matters. The purpose of the dialogue will be to seek to understand and where possible, find ways to resolve any issues of concern in the context of the University’s clear commitment to the care and safety of staff. We have advised staff to raise any questions or concerns with their line manager in the first instance. 

Do my team members still need to register their attendance on campus in advance?

Yes for the short term. Please ask your team members to continue to register their attendance on campus in advance using the ‘register your attendance on campus’ form here.  We will advise you when this registration procedure is no longer required.

You will need to work with staff members regarding the arrangements for their safe return to working on campus.

Do my team members need to have an asymptomatic test before they can return to working on campus?

It is not mandatory for staff and students to participate in the asymptomatic testing programme.  However, whilst this is a voluntary programme, the University is strongly encouraging staff and students to engage in the testing programme which is being offered and run by the University or in the case of our Cardiff based programmes in partnership with the University of South Wales. 

UWTSD staff are now able to collect Coronavirus home test kits from Monday to Friday between, 9am and 2pm from the following sites:

  • Lampeter – Canterbury Reception
  • Carmarthen – Dewi Reception
  • Swansea – IQ and Dynefor Reception
  • Cardiff – Registry
  • Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies

**There is no need to book a slot to collect the home test kits

Colleagues in London and Birmingham should make use of local community testing facilities.

Can I request to know who has been tested?

The University will not be able to share this information as staff and student testing status is deemed to be private health data.

Working from Home

How can I continue to support my team as they work remotely?

We understand that managing remote teams can bring its challenges. The University has produced some practical guidance on communicating with remote workers. You may download the guidance here.

Some helpful learning resources to support well-being, working and managing remotely have been collated in playlists on the University’s self-development toolkit – ‘MyMentor’ available here.  Please contact if you experience any difficulty gaining access.

Symptomatic testing and self-isolation

What should I do if a member of my staff has symptoms of Coronavirus?

If this is when they are away from University premises inform them to:

  • NOT come to the University or go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.
  • Follow self-isolation guidance from government here for people living in Wales, and herefor people living in England.
  • Use the Staff Self-Isolating Form to report details of their self-isolation and to keep you informed of their health status
  • Apply for a test here for people living in Wales and herefor people living in England.

If this is when they are on University premises inform them to:

  • Apply a face covering.
  • Ensure they follow government guidance and social distance from anyone else.
  • Tell them to go home immediately.
  • Tell them to complete the online Staff Self-Isolating Formimmediately to report the suspected case.
  • You should liaise regularly with your staff member, gathering any relevant information as the situation progresses and provide updates as appropriate via the

A member of staff should notify you as their Line Manager if they receive a positive test result and you should then follow the procedure outlined below.

What should I do if a member of staff contacts me to tell me they have tested positive for Coronavirus?

You must tell them to immediately complete or update the Staff Self-Isolating Form and you should notify your Head of Department or for academic staff, the nominated Assistant Dean for your Institute, before taking further action or communicating with others.  As the manager you will then need to complete an urgent action, this is particularly critical where staff are continuing to work on campus:

  • Establish the facts in as much detail as you can from the member of staff, including their recent movements and any interactions they have had with others on campus, including the date they became symptomatic and the date they were last on campus. This information will assist the Bronze team.

The University’s Bronze team will assess the situation and take any action as appropriate with respect to both staff and students.  The team will consider the wider implications for staff, students, courses, buildings, halls of residences etc.  You may be called into a meeting with the Bronze team along with your manager/Assistant Dean.

As the Line Manager you might be asked by the team to contact other relevant staff and ask them to go home to self-isolate and await further communication from the University. The Bronze Team will notify Public Health Wales and TTP as appropriate.

Instruct your team member to continue to follow the government self-isolation guidance and to keep you informed of their health status.  You should liaise regularly with your staff member, gathering any relevant information as the situation progresses and provide updates as appropriate via the mailbox. 

If a staff member becomes ill and is unable to work as a result of COVID19, this should be recorded in the normal way as sickness absence and the University's Sickness Absence Procedure applies. They may work remotely if they are well enough and are able to do so.

A member of my team has been instructed to self-isolate by the Test, Trace and Protect Team, or because they have been in close contact with someone with symptoms or a positive test for Coronavirus. What do I do?

We have advised staff that they should notify their line manager that they are required to self-isolate. They will also need to complete the online Staff Self-Isolating Form immediately to report that they are self-isolating.

If they remain well enough, and are able to work remotely, they may do so for the duration of the isolation period. You should liaise regularly with your staff member, gathering any relevant information as the situation progresses and provide updates as appropriate via the mailbox. If they become unwell and are too unwell to continue to work, they should inform you and the normal sickness absence procedures will apply. If they test positive for Coronavirus during this period, they should notify you. 

For more information, visit Test, Trace, Protect: your questions (people living in Wales) and Test and Trace: how it works (people living in England).

My team member wants to return to work on campus after testing positive for Coronavirus, what should I do?

You must advise your staff member to follow the government guidance on self-isolation here (for people living in Wales) and here (for people living in England). If your staff member has tested positive, then they must stay at home for at least 10 days. At the end of their self-isolation period they can return to their normal routine if they do not have symptoms other than cough or loss of sense of smell or taste. If they still have a high temperature, they should keep self-isolating until their temperature returns to normal and seek medical advice.

After 10 days if they just have a cough or change to or loss of smell or taste they do not need to continue to self-isolate. This is because a cough or change to or loss of smell or taste can last for several weeks once the infection has gone. The 10 day period starts from the day when they first became ill.

You should keep in contact with your staff member during the period of self-isolation to check on their health status. When the self-isolation period has ended, and if your staff member feels well enough to return to work, you must discuss and agree their return with the nominated Assistant Dean or Head of Department who will consult with the Bronze Team.  If their return is agreed, you must carry out a return to work discussion to check that they are well enough to return to duties, and if there is any further support they need. The Return to Work Discussion Form can be downloaded here.

You should remind your staff member that when they return to work all hygiene and social distancing guidelines, including the wearing of face coverings must continue to be adhered to.  This will help to ensure that we continue to protect others within our learning community by minimising the risk of infection being passed on. Public health guidance suggests that if you have tested positive for COVID-19, you will probably have developed some immunity to the disease. But it cannot be guaranteed that will happen in all cases, nor exactly for how long that will last.