Certificate in Practical Welsh (Advanced)

  • Certificate in Practical Welsh
  • Certificate in Practical Welsh
  • Certificate in Practical Welsh

The Advanced Certificate enables those with a good general level of spoken Welsh to increase their grammatical understanding of the language and strengthen their spoken skills along with their written skills.

Key Facts

Course Length:
Maximum of one calendar year

Scholarships and Bursaries

Yr Athrofa: Institute of Education
Contact Name:
Gwen Davies
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Students can choose between one of two pathways:

Pathway 1

  • Two on-line modules followed by a five day residential on the Lampeter campus

Pathway 2

  • Three on-line modules

The main aim of the programme is to strengthen the Welsh language skills of those students taking it – their written skills as well as their oral skills. Being an on-line certificate much emphasis is placed on the understanding of Welsh grammar as well as the application of it in a range of practical tasks, many of which are of particular relevance to the work place. The course also contains opportunities to undertake interactive activities and group forums via Moodle.

Now recruiting for September 2017

Students are required to undertake modules 1 and 2 below, together with either module 3 or module 4.

  • CYPW4009 Camu at y Gymraeg Uwch 1
  • CYPW4010 Camu at y Gymraeg Uwch 2
  • CYPW 4011 Cyfoethogi’r Cyfathrebu: Uwch
  • CYPW4012 Ymarfer Ysgrifennu: Uwch

The aim of modules CYPW4009 and CYPW4010 is to strengthen the communicative skills of the learners through revising some common language patterns and introducing new ones such as the passive and the conditional as well as looking at the use of idiomatic constructions. Module CYPW4011, the residential module, is based on a number of practical sessions focusing on a mixture of structured pair and team activities which foster and confirm oral confidence and deepen grammatical knowledge and cultural awareness. CYPW4012 encourages students to apply and expand their knowledge of Welsh grammar, syntax and lexis and discusses the main characteristics of formal written Welsh. Tasks include translation exercises and other grammar based activities.

Through an on-line course such as this you can choose to learn at your own speed, in your own time. Maybe you haven’t got the time to attend a night class regularly or don’t have access to such a class? Alternatively you may wish to supplement the learning you do in a classroom based course.

This course should be of particular benefit to students who wish to improve their job prospects and their general understanding of Welsh grammar.

Students are assessed through regular short linguistic assignments and end of module oral examinations in the case of the first two modules. The residential module is assessed by means of a face-to-face oral and a selection of written exercises.

There are no specific entry requirements, but students are expected to have at least an intermediate level knowledge of the Welsh language. For example successful completion of the Welsh for Adults qualification Defnyddio’r Gymraeg would be an acceptable entry qualification.

This course is ideal for those who want to add depth to their existing knowledge of the language in order to improve their job prospects in Wales. Many of those undertaking the course are doing so as part of work-based CPD provision.

Students need on average a minimum of 4 hours per week to complete the course. The residential is held on the Lampeter campus every July and accommodation is available at an additional cost of approximately £210 including ensuite accommodation, breakfast and evening meals from Monday until Friday.