Centre for Continuing Professional Learning and Development

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The Centre for Continuing Professional Learning offers a range of UWTSD accredited programmes for educational professionals working in schools, colleges and other providers. Staff located in the Centre also work with schools and colleges to construct professional learning that is bespoke to the needs of leaders, teachers and support staff.

Through our all our programmes we offer access to professional learning that:

  • facilitates the sharing of effective practice and puts this at the heart of the learning process;
  • wherever possible, provides professional learning located in schools and colleges and with a strong input from outstanding professionals;
  • provides access to leading edge practice;
  • can be bespoke and tailored to meet the needs of individual schools and colleges.

We offer a wide range of continuing professional learning programmes to help professionals continue to develop their careers.

We provide innovative and flexible approaches to learning, developed in partnership with teachers, schools, colleges, local authorities and other partners, which will integrate professional learning into day to day practice and provide flexibility to help professionals learn in whatever way suits them best.