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Literacy Literacy | Creative Bubble


Creative Bubble works with different groups to improve literacy though scriptwriting, devising, creative writing and other activities. The groups who take part vary from schools, young boys, local mothers and fathers.

#LikeABoss Like A Boss | Creative Bubble


Workshops for young girls and women (mainly in Communities First areas). They focus on empowerment and enterprise through creativity. This is supported by workshops led by local business women and our own students.

Poets on the Hill - Creative Bubble

BBC Wales ‘Poets On The Hill’

UWTSD has continued working with the group from the BBC Wales documentary (aired in 2014 with Benjamin Zephaniah). They meet weekly and focus on writing and performance.

Olion - Creative Bubble Olion | Creative Bubble

Olion Festival

Arts Council of Wales funded youth arts festival (July 2015). This celebrates youth engagement in the arts. In addition to the day itself, it also runs activity throughout the year. UWTSD partners up with Communities First, YMCA, EYST (Ethnic Youth Support Team), Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, MAD/I am News and Circus Eruption. It reaches out to schools, community groups and third sector organisations.

The Festival in 2013 had over 1,500 visitors and engaged 200 young people in the lead-up activity.

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