CWIC Courses

What type of training courses are offered?

The type and content of training courses will be based on industry and employer needs and are open to all eligible participants. The Hub & Spokes will react to any shortfall identified by employers providing there is sufficient demand and adequate provision is not already available locally.

In addition CWIC offer industry engagement events for those seeking to enter the construction industry or seeking a change of role with construction.

What are the costs?

All training and engagement events are fully funded for all those aspiring to or currently engaging in construction activities although, in some cases, priority is given to construction companies.

What type of training course does CWIC provide?

The Hub & Spokes have been delivering a range of training courses from Continuing Professional Development to short/medium and long courses. Specialised construction training not already provided by other organisations may be offered by CWIC.  Please contact us for details. 

How do you request a space on one of CWIC’s courses?

Eligible individuals and employers will be able to request a space on a current CWIC funded course through this website. 

• Requests for currently unavailable training solutions can be made through a simple online expression of interest form on the CWIC website.

• Courses and events are organised and managed through the Spokes via the CWIC website.

The space you request on a CWIC course will be confirmed by the co-ordinating spoke approximately 10 days in advance.  Confirmation will include full joining instructions and any course requirements.

Please see our FAQ for further details and our Cancellation Policy.

Current Training Courses and Engagement Events

Book a course here

These are the type of courses and events already run by CWIC which may be run again depending on demand.  If any of these courses are re-run and you would like to attend please contact us on 01792 481273 or email us.  

If there's specific training that you need that is not listed here then please contact us for a discussion.