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Mae cyfleusterau ymchwil labordy Profiad Defnyddwyr ATiC (UX) a Gwerthuso Defnyddioldeb (UE) yn canolbwyntio ar y canlynol.


Desk based eye tracking with Face Reader expression recognition

Mesur ymddygiad dynol a seicoffisiolegol

  • Noldus Viso, 10 camera Multi-sector Observation Lab.
  • Noldus Portable Observation Lab, with Media Recorder.
  • Noldus behavioural analysis systems, Observer XT and FaceReader.
  • Extensive AV capture systems for lab and field work.
  • Tobii Eye Tracking Systems:
    • Mobile – Tobii Pro Glasses 2 Live View Wireless System.
    • Remote – Tobii Pro X3-120 and Tobii Nano bar systems for Desktop and Mobile devices.
    • VR – Tobii HTC Vive System with 120Hz eye tracking.
  • MindWare Mobile Impedance Cardiograph (EKG, GSR, EMG, Z0, dZ/dt, Respiratory, 3 axis accelerometry).
  • Artinis OctoMon (fNIRS) frontal brain activity monitoring system.



In shoe pressure mapping for gait analysis

Symudiad dynol a mesur perfformiad

  • UX SIMI Motion Markerless Motion Analysis System.
  • Axivity AX6 6-axis 16 sensor wearable movement sensor system.
  • Delsys Trigno Avanti EMG (+IMU) 16 sensor system.
  • Tekscan CONFORMat 2 VersaTek Seating & Positioning System.
  • Tekscan F-Scan In-Shoe Foot function & Gait Analysis System.
  • Tekscan VersaTek Tactile Grip Force and Pressure Sensing System.
  • BodiTrak2 Pro Bed Pressure Mapping Sensor.
  • iShear – shear force measurement system.
  • FLIR T1Ksc HD Thermal Imaging Camera and Research Studio Pro analysis software.

Spacial design analysis and feedback within VR

Cipio realiti, modelu 3D, ac efelychu rhithwir

  • Mantis Vision F6 and Mantis Vision F6-SR scanning system.
  • Artec Space Spider and Eva Scanning System.
  • Geomagic Design X reverse engineering software.
  • Geomagic Freeform modelling software.
  • Geomagic Touch Haptic Modelling System.
  • Software for 3D design and visulisation: Autodesk Fusion360, Autodesk VRed, Solidworks, Cinema 4D, Unity.
  • Custom VR Workstations with HTC Vive Pro and Pro 2 Systems
  • + access to an Immersive Simulation Space (16.32x2.7m 12K LED screen three-sided cube with 7.1 surround sound) driven by Igloo Immersive Vision software. 

3D print inhaler accessory

Argraffu a Phrototeipio 3D

  • Stratasys F370 FDM 3D Printer System.
  • Stratasys Objet30 Prime 3D Printer System.
  • Ultimaker S5 and 3 FDM 3D Printer Systems.
  • Formlabs Form 3+ and Form 3B+ SL resin printer systems.
  • Bigrep Studio Large Format 3D Printer System.
  • Markforged X7 Composite (Fibreglass / Carbon Fibre / Kevlar) 3D Printer System.
  • CNC Router / Laser Cutter / Waterjet Cutter.
  • Multi-material prototyping and finishing workshops.