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Three-year undergraduate programmes

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The BA (Hons) Early Years Education and Care: Early Years Practitioner Status and the BA (Hons) Early Years Education and Care programmes provide opportunities for learning about all aspects of young children’s education and care, giving our students opportunities to link practical activities and experiences to theories relating to holistic development. All programmes are based on our Carmarthen or Swansea SA1 campus.

The Early Years undergraduate programmes are innovative and designed to provide students with the skills and competences essential to work in the early year's education and care sector, including a license to practice in early years settings.  The programmes will enable you to develop employability and transferable skills such as; written and oral communication skills, organisational skills, ICT skills and digital competence, research skills and teamwork.

The programmes also offer pathways into other areas of study and employability.

91% of UWTSD students at the School of Early Years were satisfied with their course – NSS 2018. 

You will take part in group discussions, workshops, study visits as well as lectures in order to develop your knowledge and understanding of a range of relevant topics.  There is an emphasis on hands-on learning in order to support your understanding of the links between theory and practice within the early years.

Programmes are taught in an innovative block teaching method, allowing you to focus in depth on one module at a time rather than studying three modules consecutively.  We have found that this method of delivery is successful in supporting students to gain a better understanding of each module's content.

BA (Hons) Early Years Education and Care: Early Years Practitioner Status

BA (Hons) Early Years Education and Care