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Naomi Rosser - BA Early Years Education and Care: Early Years Practitioner Status

Naomi Rosser Testimonial

Why did you choose the course?

Originally, my goal was to become a Welsh Teacher but after researching the variety of courses at University of Wales Trinity Saint David, I knew the Early Years degree was for me. The multidisciplinary nature of degree has allowed me to access several career links to working with young children and families such as Nursery Assistant, Teaching Assistant, and a British Sign Language interpreter. The lecturers ensured me that I would develop my research skills, written and oral communications skills which I needed to deepen my knowledge and understanding of young children and my confidence for future careers and interviews.

What are lectures like?

During my time at University as an Early Years student, I have seen the passion and commitment that the staff put into their lectures and career. They provide supportive and engaging environments where they encourage us as students to develop new skills and partake in new experiences. The School’s passion for Early Years reflects upon us and gives us the confidence to value the importance of young children’s rights, play, the importance of listening and respecting children’s idea’s and decisions. The lectures are practical and hands-on which offer us several opportunities to be imaginative, creative and to link theory to practice.

What have you most enjoyed?

I have enjoyed exploring the variety of practical and hands-on learning modules especially those that involve aspects of outdoor learning, safeguarding and leadership. I have been able to use my own ideas and initiative to undertake learning tasks and show my strengths within the field of Early Years. The School has given me opportunities to promote the course and work with the lecturers by writing blogs, working on open days, being course representative and visiting schools and places in the local area. This is something I have enjoyed and will continue to do until I graduate. I would recommend any new students to take these opportunities on board.

What skills have you gained?

  • Confidence
  • Empathy
  • Social Skills
  • Organisation skills
  • Dedication
  • Time Management

How has the placement experience been?

The School of Early Years offers a variety of courses. I chose BA Early Years Education and Care, placement was not a requirement but the lecturers encouraged us to think about placement. As the School of Early Years has close ties with the Welsh Nursery on Campus gave me the opportunity to link what I learned in University with real issues in the workplace.

Any good visits or trips or guest speakers?

  • London – Rachel McMillan Nursery
  • Pentre Bach
  • Outdoor trips – Trysordy, Down to Earth and Llansteffan
  • Sweden
  • Canada
  • Guest Speaker – Sian Owen

Future plans?

After completing my fourth year with the School of Early Years, I hope to broaden my theoretical knowledge on Safeguarding and implement it into practice. So, my aim is to join the Police which will give me practical exposure to laws, procedures, crime and child protection. Also, I would like to open my own care home for children or an intergenerational setting for young children and old people.

Why would you suggest someone else choose this degree?

I would suggest this degree to other potential students because it is a multidisciplinary course which will enable you to work with children and families in a variety of fields. The lecturers have a diverse range of expertise from previous careers and are all supportive, enthusiastic and caring. With their experience and positive attitude towards the programme, they deliver excellent lectures that provide us with relevant information for our assignments and future practice.  The program has guided me towards the person I want to become, be more confident and provided me with opportunities to develop who I am and further my education in a career filled with potential and one that I am passionate about. Because of this, I decided to study an Integrated Masters with the program. Furthermore, there are also opportunities to undertake additional certificated courses such as First Aid, John Muir Award, Safeguarding and Additional Learning Needs.

Chloe Thomas- BA Early Years Education