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There is a current demand within Logistics and Supply Chain industry to invest in new talent within the business, to help them embrace existing and new technologies, to optimise the supply chain and logistics operations and empower them to tackle such challenges in the modern supply chain environment as sustainability and decarbonisation.

This programme has been created in collaboration with our industry partners to prepare individuals for these challenges and to ensure that we develop agile, customer-responsive and profitable supply chains.

This apprenticeship course is run primarily online, over a four-year period, apprentices will complete work-based projects which are directly related to the organisation they work for. We will advise you the employer on the best entry point for the individual apprentice based on their existing qualifications and experience.

For apprentices from England we have mapped the Level 6 Supply Chain leadership Professional (integrated degree) to this pathway

Module Topics


  • Study and Research Skills | 10 credits
  • Introduction to Procurement| 10 credits
  • Data Analytics Principles| 10 credits
  • Supply Chain Informatics | 10 credits
  • Warehousing and Inventory Operations| 20 credits
  • Business Planning | 10 credits
  • Finance Management| 10 credits
  • Organisational Management | 20 credits
  • Sustainability | 10 credits
  • Lean thinking| 10 credits


  • Supply Chain and Logistics Operations | 20 credits
  • Group Project | 20 credits
  • Capacity Planning| 10 credits
  • Procurement Strategies | 10 credits
  • Ethics and Law| 10 credits
  • Data Analysis | 10 credits
  • Logistics Technologies | 10 credits
  • Managing Change | 10 credits
  • Sustainable Supply Chains| 10 credits
  • Modelling and Simulation| 10 credits


  • Strategic Global Supply Chains | 20 credits
  • Vulnerability and Risk Management | 20 credits
  • Supply Chain Technologies | 10 credits
  • Lean Supply Chains | 10 credits
  • Work-based Project | 60 credits


By successfully completing this programme, you will be awarded a BSc in Supply Chain Management and Logistics. You will also receive an apprenticeship certificate.

Students are taught through a series of online lectures, tutorials, and practical sessions. Assessment of progress is made through a combination of assignments, presentations, group work, exams and individual projects.

Module assessment is often by assignment, or assignment and examination. The final mark for some modules may include one or more pieces of course work set and completed during the module. Project work is assessed by a written report and presentation. 

Students will be encouraged to apply the Knowledge they are acquiring to the workplace and use this to support their assessments.

One of the main parts of the final year will be the final year project. This is a work-based project that will allow students to use the knowledge built up through the course to solve a genuine workplace problems.

Apprentices from England will also be required to produce a portfolio of evidence to showcase their personal and professional development throughout the degree apprenticeship. The apprenticeship will conclude with an end point assessment. This consists of a review of your final project, followed by a discussion showing that you have met the requirements of the degree apprenticeship standard. 

If this is the course for you or if you require further information regarding the course, go to register your interest and a member of the apprenticeship unit will be in touch.