The Unit supports the Learning, Teaching and Enhancement Committee (LTEC) and the implementation of the Learning, Teaching and Enhancement Strategy (LTES), specifically:

  • Convening and organising meetings of LTEC and communicating with members.
  • Providing officer support and the production of minutes and other documentation for LTEC.
  • Liaising with officers of Senate and other University Committee’s with regard to LTEC business.
  • Managing the relationship between the University and the Higher Education Academy (HEA)
  • Convening and organising HEA Accreditation and Fellowship Recognition Panels.
  • Organising, promoting and disseminating learning and teaching professional development activity
  • Organising, promoting and disseminating Future Directions and Enhancement Theme activity
  • Promoting, supporting and disseminating scholarship of learning and teaching, and pedagogic research of University staff and students.
  • Promoting and managing the University’s Learning and Teaching Journal
  • Promoting and coordinating LTEC Enhancement Groups linked to strategic priorities.
  • Undertaking an annual audit of research and scholarship currency of staff teaching at Levels 6 and 7.
  • Promoting and maintaining an overview of research in undergraduate student learning e.g. involvement in the British Conference of Undergraduate Research and publication of the Student Researcher
  • Creating and maintaining communication tools and resources, such as bulletins, webpages, Moodle, social media etc.

The Unit is led by the Pro Vice-Chancellor (International and Enhancement) , Professor Simon Haslett, who is a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, supported by Victoria Watkins.

The Unit can be contacted on 01792481102 or