Research and Scholarship

Research and Scholarship in Learning and Teaching

The University’s Mission states that “The education we deliver, underpinned by high quality research, will be distinctive”.

Research, scholarship and/or professional practice are activities that the University expects all teaching staff to be engaged with, therfore, providing the research underpinning described in the Mission statement. This ensures that learning and teaching across the University is at the cutting edge, both informing curriculum development and enhancing pedagogic practice. Learning through research and/or professional practice also enhances curriculum development and enriches the student learning experience.

Research and Scholarship

All forms of research, scholarship and professional practice contribute to a culture of research-informed teaching. For example, subject-based activity contributes to curriculum development, whilst pedagogic research and the scholarship of learning and teaching contribute to learning and teaching approaches. Whilst subject-based activity is the focus of the Research Strategy, this Strategy sets targets especially linked to learning and teaching. It expects all teaching staff to be engaged in some form of research, scholarship and/or professional practice and that this should be evidenced annually for staff teaching at Levels 6-8, at which levels the subject matter is expected to be delivered at the cutting edge of the discipline.

Students are also expected to undertake some learning through research and/or professional practice, and this is to be facilitated through opportunities such as journals and conferences.

Pedagogic research and/or scholarship of learning and teaching is to be encouraged and communities of practice are to be established through Enhancement Groups aligned to areas of strategic importance. The outcomes of these groups and other related staff activity is to be disseminated through the establishment of a new University journal and/or established periodicals.