University's Enhancement Theme 2015/16

University's Enhancement Theme 2015/2016

Every year the University has an Enhancement Theme. The Enhancement Theme for 2015/2016 is Life Design.

The University's Enhancement Theme for 2015/2016 is Life Design 

Life Design is the University’s enhancement theme for this year and this will be delivered through a series of smaller sub-projects established to include all faculties, relevant professional units and the Students’ Union.  The nature of this theme lends itself to a highly collaborative, interdisciplinary and inter-departmental approach that will facilitate projects that engage across faculties, professional units and the Students’ Union.   There are already a number of projects linked to the theme already in process or that are currently being developed and updates on these will be posted here during the year. 


A number of sub-themes or areas of focus are identified below.  These will act as a way of breaking down the theme into elements that specific projects can work on.

  • Design thinking as pedagogy
  • Thinking beyond employability to a broader  concept of personal development
  • Collaborative and integrated approaches to student opportunity development
  • Blending embedded, extra-curricular and co-curricular activity
  • First year experience and retention 

Day to day co-ordination of the enhancement activity will be managed in partnership by the Student Experience Team responsible for Life Design and the Enhancement Unit, with regular liaison with staff engaged in linked projects.  The Enhancement Theme will be a regular agenda item for the Enterprise and Employability Skills Enhancement Group (Chaired by Prof. Andy Penaluna) as well as providing regular reports to LTEC. 


In addition to any papers, presentations or research outputs produced as a result of the activity the following three key outputs will be generated

1. Conference Symposium 

To consolidate, reflect on, and share examples of good practice, ideas and insights, a symposium will be held at the with the Wales NEXUS Conference.  This will act as a showcase, a dissemination tool and a development experience. Both staff and students will be asked to participate in the presentations and as delegates.

2. Report

A full report on all of the activities which have taken place during the academic year and an evaluation of them will be produced by the team and submitted to LTEC. 

3. Enhancement Toolkit

This toolkit for staff will be compiled as a means of disseminating ideas and insights from this year's enhancement theme along with practical tools and techniques which can be applied in teaching and learning practice.  This toolkit will be built up over the academic year as projects complete and report on their activities, and future themes could continue to build on this, establishing a resource that will support teaching and learning in the longer term.

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