University's Enhancement Theme 2016/2018

The new UWTSD enhancement theme is ‘retention and attainment’

‌‌Projects are invited from across the UWTSD group and its collaborative partners.  Both academic and professional units invited to take part, with collaboration encouraged across units. Ideas for potential projects can be found here.

The project proposal form can be found here ‌Project Proposal Form

‌The deadline for the submission of project proposal forms is 29th September 2017. Completed forms need to be submitted to Victoria Watkins in the University’s Enhancement Unit.  If you have any questions about potential projects, please do get in touch with Victoria to discuss.

An implementation plan for the enhancement theme can be found here Enhancement Theme Implementation Plan.  This gives an idea of what we are planning to do to bring staff and students working on projects together and to share and disseminate good practice.

A full list of projects will be made available on this site from September and progress of each of the projects will be logged here.

Ideas for potential projects:

Projects could, for example, focus on:

  • the enhancement of student engagement within the curriculum and measuring of the effect of such a project on both retention and attainment of students;
  • innovative (extended) induction programmes for new students (perhaps particularly focused on students at risk of withdrawing);
  • the transition between levels to avoid an impact on students’ performance;
  • (an aspect of) learning analytics;
  • programmes that support (particular) groups of students at a higher risk of dropping out of University;
  • the reasons why students withdraw and measures that could be taken to minimise withdrawal;
  • student engagement within ‘non-traditional’ groups of students;
  • the use of extra-curricular activities, learning support or skills focused programmes to support retention and aid attainment;
  • inclusive teaching practice following legislative changes;
  • piloting the effect of the introduction of new / innovative pedagogies on attainment and retention;
  • the improvement of completion or attainment rates within specific programmes of study or within particular modules.

You can find more information and examples of retention projects from the HEA here