Student perception of using screencast as an alternative media.

Alex Lee Hong Sin

International University of Malaya-Wales, City Campus, Jalan Tun Ismail, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 


Screencast is a screen capture recording with audio and visual instructions. This research focuses on the student perception of screencast a type of multimedia content which is watch and learn. Reference books, written notes, Adobe PDF files and e-books are conventional media which are used by students to gain information and knowledge. Screencast is a media used by lecturers to teach conceptual subjects and technical hands-on practical subjects. The research goal is to find out whether screencast is perceived by students to be an alternative form of media to gather information and apply knowledge. The research methodology uses questionnaires to survey the students to collect data on the various media sources, values, choices, feedback comparing screencast with conventional media and the usage of screencast among students. Research method is to study student perception on using screencast and students who are not using screencast. Further statistical analysis is used to determine the adoption and usage of screencast by both groups of students. The outcome of the research shows that students who are currently using screencast shows a high percentage of perceiving it as valuable, is likely the choice of use as supplementary media and is a better alternative to the conventional media. The perceptions of students who are not using screencast shows a high percentage of perceiving it as less valuable, less likely to be choice of use as supplementary media and is no better as an alternative to conventional media.

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Lee Hong Sin