Are you thinking of starting a business? Or do you already have one?

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Nothing beats the satisfaction of running your own business – following your passion to be your own boss, managing your own time, and making your own decisions.

Perhaps you dream of working for yourself and have a great idea for a new business, but you worry about the risks involved in going it alone or you lack the confidence and skills you need to take the first step.

Maybe you run a successful start-up business and would benefit from some direction, or you’d like to increase your skill set through expert advice. You’re not alone. All business owners face the same challenges. 

There’s FREE help and support at hand.

UWTSD can offer you:

  • Help to start a business – Institutional and Welsh Government funded support
  • Entrepreneurship Start-up Grant of £500
  • One-to-One Meetings
  • Enterprise Club
  • Enterprise Course
  • Intellectual Property and Creativity Workshops
  • Opportunities to discuss, explore, and network with like-minded students and entrepreneurs
  • Industry Links - projects, guest speakers and networking with businesses
  • Global Entrepreneurship Week events in November
  • Extra-curricular activities - competitions, start-up workshops, meeting entrepreneurial alumni
  • Inspirational speakers (including our entrepreneurial alumni) 

Whether you are living in Wales or beyond, we would be pleased to hear from you. 

If you would like more information then please contact our Enterprise Champion:
Tel: 01792 481152

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UWTSD Future Proofing Education: The Entrepreneurial Imperative 2022

  • Engage: 3, 500 students engaged in activities to raise awareness of start-up as a career option.
  • Empower: 400 students empowered by workshops to increase their entrepreneurial capacity.
  • Equip: 47 students equipped to test their business ideas.
  • Endorse: 122 students and graduates received support to take forward their own businesses.
  • Enhance: 38 started a business either whilst studying or after graduation.
  • Enable: 16 academic champions of enterprise enabled to enhance curriculum and extra curriculum activities.