Faculty Student Support with Sheila Rawlings

UWTSD ranked highly in a range of categories including #1 out of 45 institutions for 'Personal Tutors'. Global ISBSB, Autumn Wave 2016

The Faculty Specialist Academic Coordinator, Sheila Rawlings looks after all the students within the Faculty with any additional needs. Support is very different at UWTSD, it is very discrete, completely confidential and we organise things to suit your timetable.

  • It’s important that students take up the support that is available because, what we find is that the students that do take up that support, do far better than they would have had they not taken it up.


    Sheila Rawlings Faculty Specialist Academic Coordinator


The 2016 National Student Survey results saw UWTSD perform equivalent to or above the sector average in many key areas:

  • Student satisfaction with assessment and feedback is 4% higher than the sector average.
  • Student satisfaction with academic support is above the sector average.
  • Student satisfaction with personal development (confidence, communication skills and tackling unfamiliar problems) is above the sector average.

For more information:

Email: sheila.rawlings@uwtsd.ac.uk; or student.services@uwtsd.ac.uk.