Brandon Lewis

computer networks, RockIT

Brandon Lewis
Computer Networks

Brandon Lewis has landed two job offers and all before April of his final year.  Brandon chose to starting work with @RockIT_UK in Bridgen, this June before he graduates.

Brandon Said:

"I always had an interest in numbers and IP addressing, I like the practical hardware elements of Computer Networks. The internet is a topic I’ve been interested in from a young age.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is so important because it's continuously growing throughout the world. The skills I have learned will be vital now and in the future for the safeguarding and coping with everyday life. The future is revolving rapidly. 

I applied early and included in my CV all the software I have used, including the specialist skills that I’ve learnt at University, such as, packers and tracers. Additionally, I was able to include the inclusive certified modules, such as Cisco, along with the crucial second and third year modules that show my experience across those Fields."