21 Year of Motorsport at UWTSD


The School of Automotive Engineering have sponsored University race teams and taught Motorsport Engineering for 21 years. By running professional teams our students get real-life, hands-on experience and are able to engage with real-world projects based on that experience. Their focused research and development improve aspects of Motorsport such as data acquisition, safety, aerodynamics, modifications, reconditioning, electrics, etc.

21 Years of Motorsport at UWTSD Swansea

Students that get involved with our race teams get to travel to different racetracks all over the UK, such as, Silverstone, Brandshatch, Snetterton, etc where they learn teamwork, cooperation, problem solving, logistics, planning and more. This means they are employment ready from day one and often make links with companies through the time spent at paddocks.

Spending time with our teams at race weekends it is evident that the friendships formed are solid and long-lasting.  They share the same goals, build expertise and proficiencies together and share their knowledge with each other. Lecturers support student-led instruction where newer students shadow more experienced and learn certain aspects of automotive engineering peer-to-peer. 

We have selected some of the highlights over the last 21 years:


Swansea Institute first competes with student  team with  Hi Tech F500 in Sprints and races


Swansea Institute Racing Darrian T90 competes  in Welsh Racing Drivers Championship


Swansea Institute Team Darrian (SITD) competes with a two car Darrian T90 team in Privilege Insurance British GT Championship. Achieves First in GT3 and Frist overall.                                                                                  

Our first attendance at Autosport International show.


SITD Darrian GTR in GT1 of British GT Championship.


SITD Darrian GTR in GT2 of British GT Championship.


Launch of our BEng Motorsport Engineering and Design programme at Pembrey Circuit with Peter Haine MP.


SITD Darrian GTR GT2 in British GT Championship.

MIA Service to Industry Award in recognition of starting first Motorsport degree programme.


Student team ran a Locost in the 750 Motorclub Locost Championship.


First Cohort of students graduate with BEng in Motorsport Engineering and Design degree.

First entry into Formula student.

SIHE Allstars student team in 750 Motorclub Ginetta Championship.

We supported Bluebird first Electric Land Speed record attempt at Pendine.

First student track test day at Pembrey Circuit with Formula Vauxhall.

Collaboration with Carlin Motorsport on Insight course.

HND Motorsport Engineering programme launched.


Student team in Formula Vauxhall Championship with student Tom Wheatley driving.

Link with Triple 8 Vauxhall Touring Car Team established.

SIHE Student Allstars team in Tarmac rally championship.

750 Motorclub Locost Championship with Bruno Vianna.

Jacky Stewart visits SIHE to meet student teams.

Students travel to Malaga for work experience at Locost inventor Ron Champion Spanish base.


Formula Student                                                    

BEng Motorcycle Engineering programme launched.


Formula Student.


Formula Student.


BSc Motorsport Management programme launched.                                                                                     

Formula Student.


SMU Motorsport Centre opened at Pembrey Race Circuit.                                                  

Student built Davian Mk 6 which appears at the Historic Motorsport Show.                                                                                                           Formula Student 16th in the World and 4th in the UK.


Formula Student 6th in the World and 3rd in the UK.


BSc Motorsport Engineering launched.                                                                                      

Formula Student 10th in the World and 3rd in the UK.


Davrian competes in first race at Pembrey.                                                             

Formula Student - 12th in the World and 3nd in the UK.                                                                              

Locost Hillclimb and Sprint team.


Student team running a Formula Renault in the 750MC Formula 4 Championship.

Formula Student - 13th in the World, 2nd in the UK and a Business prize.


10th overall in the 750MC Formula 4 Championship.  


Move to Monoposto Racing club championship with the Formula Renault.  Finished 6th in class.


Team MCR formed to compete in the Sports 2000 championship with the MCR.

Formula Renault continues in Monoposto.                                                                      

Loco Espada team compete in Hillclimb and Sprint championship and finish 3rd place at Llys y Fran.


MEng Motorsport Engineering launched.                                                                        

MCR Continues in the Sports 2000 Championship. 

Team take delivery of a new MCR for the 2016 championship bid.  


UWTSD School of Automotive Engineering students have the opportunity to get involved in a student track test day at Pembrey Circuit with four different cars and three race teams: Team MCR, Loco Espada Team and PROAHPE. This is what they had to say about it:

Roger Dowden, Director of Motorsport Engineering: “Students get the most out of being here. The fact that when they go to work for a team they can refer to real life experience at university. They worked with a team and understand what we are trying to achieve on test days.”


Chris Moulinie – HND Motorsport Engineering: “Testing to see if what we are doing is improving performance: Keep modifying and sending out! Being part of the race team you get more hands on experience: testing suspension: modify and test, reset, check lap times, listen to driver, monitor tyres and data logging.”


Miles Ratcliffe – BEng (Hons) Motorsport Engineering - PROA High Performance Engine: “For the past few weeks I have been modifying the rear wish bones. There was an issue where we bent one of them, the damper bolts were too far in and there was too much load on the mounting point of the wishbone. We moved it, tested the left side at Swansea Airport and then made up the right. Today we are testing the two together. New rear dampers and brand new front springs.”


Liam Penaluna – MSc Non Destructive Testing: “Today we are testing and gathering information and checking the wet weather setup. Having access to the Pembrey Track to test makes life easier – if something goes wrong the University is only down the road – we can fix it and be ready to go again. I decided to apply for the MSc in Non Destructive Testing (NDT) because I did a six week placement at McLaren where they were using NDT. NDT is used in every department in racing. You don’t want to wait for something to fail you need to know beforehand.”


Gavin Williams – BSc (Hons) Motorsport Engineering: “Last night we finished building the car up from a shell – new engine, suspension, steering. I am so happy to see it running.”


André Marzagâo – HND Motorsport Engineering: “Today we are checking the setup of the car and monitoring the angle on the steering. Using strings to measure and check that the angle is right.”


Sarah Meredith – HND Automotive Engineering: “I didn’t know anything about cars before I started the course so it’s been a real learning curve. Finding out how cars work and seeing the action in the workshops has been a great start to the programme. When studying Motor Mechanics we learn the theory in the classroom and then practice it in the workshop. The lecture is able to show you the system and talk about how it works. Seeing it in action – it clicks and makes so much more sense.”


Mathew Perry – BEng (Hons) Motorsport Engineering (4 Yr Crs): “I’ve enjoyed visiting different race tracks and being part of a team- travelling while working on a car. The lecturer steps back to let students teach students - new students shadow and when they feel more confident they have a go while the more experienced students watch. If they are unsure they can ask.”


Ioannis Athanasakos - BEng (Hons) Motorsport Engineering: “I have only just started the course and I have been surprised about the number of times we have had to solve problems – it is the biggest part! There have been problems you wouldn’t think we could solve but we have! Thinking on your feet is mandatory.”


Tim Cansiz - BEng (Hons) MSport Eng & Des (4 Yr Crs): “I’m now in the third year and my dissertation is based on the Aerodynamics of the MCR. I have the opportunity to use a real world car in a workshop to measure real world data and compare simulation work. Aerodynamic simulation using EFD software and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Every component of the car is designed: computer input, CFD test, and simulator test, built, added to the car, and run. It is such a valuable experience.”


Vicky Green - BEng (Hons) Automotive Engineering (4 Yr Crs): “We have spent many, many, many hours in the work shop and we are so nervous about starting the engine. We have looked at the electrics – chopped and changed wiring to make it fit for the new engine. I am most surprised about the whole thing I never expected to do any of it. In order to really learn the theory you need to know what you’re doing practically.”


Cerys Frowen - HND Motorsport Engineering: “The main aim of today for us was to get the Loco to do a lap to start. This is my first year and to hear the engine going and the driver revving… it was beautiful!”


Gwyddian Thomas - BSc (Hons) Motorsport Engineering: “Today we have learned many practical applications of the theory side. We are at the track putting together a car we built from scratch over two months – remarkable!”


UWTSD Test Day at Pembrey Race Track by Dafydd Williams

To view images of our recent Test Day at Pembrey Circuit - click the link below

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