Bletchley Park


Do you want to know a secret?
Go on a student trip then. It’s a chance to meet people from other courses and find out things you didn’t know.
Where better to go for this than the home of one of the World’s best-kept secrets – Bletchley Park.

Blechy Park 1980s storage Disk

Reham Alshaibani, who is studying BSc Business Information Technology, says her recent visit wasn’t all plain sailing but its trials brought her fellow travellers closer together.

Reham says: “This trip to Bletchley Park #TheNationalMuseumOfComputing was a trip that I will remember for its ups and downs. The bus broke down! The wait lasted almost an hour, but it enabled us to meet new friends and share our suffering from the cold.

“After that, it was endless fun and laughter. I got to meet students studying on other courses, such as, Electronics, Software Engineering, Networking, Automotive Engineering, Health and Social Care, and Business. We talked about university life as the hours outside and inside the bus passed.

“We reached Bletchley Park and met the really passionate staff who worked there. As we were late for our tour it was rushed but we got to see the huge machines (computers) used in World War II. They are machines built by people just like us - and that really was inspiring.

“It is amazing how technology has improved and shrunk, from huge computers that filled rooms to the tiny mobiles we use today. I can't emphasise enough how much I enjoyed this trip, both from an educational point of view and because it allowed me to meet amazing new friends.”

Reham adds: “I would like to give a special thanks to the amazing Carlene who organised this trip for us”

Bletchy Park Trip1

Bletchy Park 2

"The Bletchely Park trip was an enjoyable and knowledgeable experience that I'd love to do again." Angelo Amoruso


"Although I'm not stuyding a computing course I was intrigued to join the Bletchely Park trip. I was fascinated by how fast technology has progressed over the last 60 years and feel privileged to experience the efforts that helped win the war. I'd be glad to adventure with the computing team again." Tolgahan Yaman