Girls into IT - #GirlsintoIT

UWTSD’s School of Applied Computing in partnership with EESW (Engineering Education Scheme Wales) are organising a number of taster days for Secondary School (Year 8+) Girls in Computing and Information Technology.

The Sessions included – workshops on Robot Wars where pupils used Lego Mind Storm for programming robots to move in a circle and/or a square, while using colour sensors to perform an action when detecting a colour; PC Building where pupils remove every component from a PC and then put it back together; Maze Runner - Unlocking the Mystery of the Maze, where pupils create a MAZE game using Scratch and then play the game; and finally Virtual Reality Experience where pupils have an opportunity to see Oculus Rift, a roller coaster virtual reality experience using the OR.

This event is funded by Widening Access and Community Engagement as part of the Reaching Wider initiative:

Schools that have taken part at the University’s Mount Pleasant Campus have included:

  • Dylan Thomas Community School
  • Bishop Gore Comprehensives
  • Llandovery College
  • Islwyn High School
  • Bassaleg School
  • Cefn Hengoed
  • Ysgol Dyffryn Aman
  • Penyrheol Comprehensive School


  • It has been a very practical workshop giving pupils ideas about career pathways. They also did a lot of teamwork, communication and problem solving. The Oculus Rift triggered a great reaction – it is very believable and from my point of view I wanted to know how it worked.


    Mr Gavin ClarkeHead of Year 9 Islwyn High

  • Today has shown me the wide range of stuff I could do. Software is the future and if young people can understand it then there will be lots of careers in the future. I want to do Product Design – computing is really important for future products because it will basically be in all new products. I would need to understand computing to make future designs work.


    Ruby JonesIslwyn High School

  • I would like to compose music using computer software – it is quicker to write music and play it back. Software enable faultless music to be created. I would like to do something with music, robotics and computing – maybe creating better software for music.


    Lucinda McDermottIslwyn High School

  • Taking the computer apart was the best part of the day – we got to see what is inside and how they work - we would normally just use the technology.


    Rayhana BegumBishop Gore

  • #GirlsintoIT building a PC
  • #GirlsintoIT building a robot
  • #GirlsintoIT selecting parts for a robot
  • #GirlsintoIT building PC
  • #GirlsintoIT working on computers
  • #GirlsintoIT selecting robot parts
  • #GirlsintoIT Robot Parts
  • #GirlsintoIT rebuilding a PC
  • #GirlsintoIT concentrating on building a PC
  • #GirlsintoIT building a PC
  • #GirlsintoIT chatting to a Student Ambassador
  • #GirlsintoIT finishing a PC build
  • #GirlsintoIT using sensor controllers
  • #GirlsintoIT using sensor controllers
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  • #GirlsintoIT group photograph