Feedback FAQs

All the information you should need about making your voice heard at UWTSD.

If you’ve got any questions about our feedback systems email Acting Student Experience Manager Estelle Hart.

The SECs are an opportunity for students to get their issues and ideas heard by the right people. A representative from each faculty will be in attendance doing their best to answer any questions you have and to resolve any issues you arise. There will be an opportunity for faculty and department representatives to talk briefly about areas they are working on and speak about the feedback they have had on the day.

It's time for staff and students to work together to make the student experience at UWTSD even better. 

Things you might need to know about the Student Experience Convention:

  • Open to the whole student body 
  • SECs happen once a term on each campus
  • Faculties and services like IT and the library will be on hand to answer your questions
  • As part of our commitment to sustainablity we'll ask you to tell us how we can make UWTSD even greener 
  • It’s a chance to have your say on future developments as well as letting us know what’s happening now

The Student Barometer is a national survey that gives you the opportunity to tell us what’s working, what you’d change and what you think of your university experience at university so far.

The barometer covers every aspect of your experience at UWTSD from welcome and induction, accommodation, library and what happened in the classroom. With your feedback we've been able to make big changes throughout all the campuses. Newly refurbished teaching rooms, free access to Microsoft Office 365 and stronger WIFI signal in halls are to name a few.

So please help us to keep improving your student experience and take part in the Student Barometer Survey. 

Things you need to know about the Student Barometer:

  • Students will receive an email containing a link to complete the survey in the autumn term
  • Every student who takes part has a chance of winning a prize of £1000 or an Apple IPad Mini
  • The survey gives us a chance to compare how UWTSD is doing with universities across the UK
  • The Student Barometer covers all aspects of student life

The National Student Survey (NSS) is an independent national survey of final year undergraduates. The survey asks students to reflect on their course experience across a range of areas including;

  • The facilities you’ve used
  • The teaching you’ve had
  • The feedback you’ve received on your work
  • How your course has been organised
  • The power of your opinions as students

Why should you take part?

It’s a great chance to feedback on your student experience. Your feedback will help prospective students make the right choices of where and what to study. In less than 10 minutes you can shape the future of UWTSD.

Find out more -

The United Kingdom Engagement Survey (UKES) is an annual undergraduate survey for UWTSD student not taking part in NSS.

UKES gives you the chance to shape your experience at UWTSD by feeding back on all elements of your course and helps us to ensure that all students are full partners in their learning.

UKES also allows us to compare your experience and engagement with institutions across the UK.

It will give you a chance to comment on;

  • critical thinking
  • working with other students
  • course content
  • how you’ve worked with lecturers
  • your personal development, and
  • an opportunity to reflect on the things you’ve learned

How are the results used?

Your feedback is very important to us and we will use the findings of the survey to improve our courses, ensuring they are student focused and to improve the students experience at UWTSD.

The Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) is an annual national survey for taught postgraduates. It gathers feedback about your learning and teaching experience and allows us to benchmark the Postgraduate experience at UWTSD. The survey focuses on feedback about your;

  • Teaching and learning
  • Engagement in your programme
  • Assessment and feedback
  • Organisation and management
  • Resources and services
  • Skills development

It also considers your motivations for taking the programme and your experience of undertaking a dissertation or major project.

Why should you take part?

Your feedback is very important to us, and the information we gather helps us to highlight areas of good practice and improvement within your course, which in turns allows us to improve the learning experience for students at UWTSD.   

The Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES) is a survey of Research Postgraduates and is held every two years. It gathers feedback about your postgraduate learning and supervision experience while at UWTSD.

The survey focuses on your experience of;

  • Supervision
  • Resources available
  • Research community
  • Progress and assessment
  • Skills and professional development

It also explores your motivations for undertaking the programme. The survey is open to all UWTSD students involved in research including distance learners.

Why should you take part?

Your feedback is very important to us and we will use the findings of the survey to improve our courses, learning experiences and support available for students at UWTSD.

The course rep system ensures that your views about your courses are heard and students have a say in how their course is run. The system is run by the Students’ Union and with support from the University.

Every academic year you have the chance to elect a student representative for your course, to feedback on any course related issues or concerns you have such as;

  • Communication issues e.g. not being notified about lecturer time changes
  • Marking/Assessment issues e.g. not being given clear or ample feedback on your work
  • Accessing Resource e.g. struggling to access core texts from your course reading list

Course reps are there to ensure that you are able to access a high quality learning experience at UWTSD. Your student rep will meet regularly with your Faculty Rep who sits on the boards of your faculty which oversees everything from resources to creating new courses.

What is a course rep, and what do they do?

Your course rep will represent you and your course on student and staff committees across the university, raising issues that matter to you and affect your learning experience. Staff and student committees are meetings where your student rep will discuss your ideas and opinions with staff in your school.  

Your student rep will work alongside the Students’ Union to make changes within your course and on campus, and so it’s important to familiarise yourself with them and feedback on any concerns.

You can find out more about the course rep systems, how to get involved and who your rep is here