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To apply for a Professional Fellowship of the Wales Global Academy please follow the instructions below.

For Associate Professional Fellowship (Tier 1 subscription), the application process has been streamlined to allow you access to the Fellowship framework at this entry level. To apply, you will be asked to provide:

  1. a statement about your education and professional qualifications; and
  2. a Personal Statement comprising a description of your current role, and commitment and aspirations in terms of career trajectory and continuing professional development (maximum of 400 words).

Applicants for Associate Professional Fellowship must be a graduate who is working within a professional role (including voluntary roles) with a commitment to continuous professional development (CPD) and aspirations to progress within their professional practice.

There is no application form, simply upload a document, written in Welsh or English and using an accepted file type, containing the required information on the application webpage and follow the online instructions to complete the online form and pay the appropriate subscription.

Here are some tips as to how to showcase your experience to best effect:

  • Make sure you provide us with all your academic qualifications and include any memberships or fellowships you hold from professional associations/bodies (if any).
  • Remember to describe your experience in your role and what technical/professional expertise you bring to it.
  • Do give an indication of the theories and advanced models you use and how you keep abreast of current advances in your field.
  • If you contribute to any professional networks through committee work or writing or similar then include those details so we can get a sense of your professional work.
  • Above all let us know how much you have developed since you started work!
  • Keep to the word count.
  • Read and familiarise yourself with the Fellowship Terms and Conditions.

Application for Professional Fellowship (Tier 2 subscription) or Leadership Fellowship (Tier 3 subscription) is through the submission of a portfolio written in Welsh or English. Please read and familiarise yourself with the Professional Fellowships Criteria and Handbook, following its guidance on compiling a portfolio, and the Fellowship Terms and Conditions.

Once you have compiled your portfolio, please visit the application webpage to complete your application by completing the online form, uploading your portfolio, and paying the appropriate subscription fee.

Good luck and we look forward to reading your application.

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