group of people eating

The cookbook will be launched with three café-style seminars: one each in London, Bradford and Coventry, which will include brief presentations from SOOP about their work and social messages and a brief presentation from the project team to introduce the book.

More importantly, it will also include interludes from the book’s contributors, who will tell a story about the included recipe and why it is important to their sense of cultural identity and the historical and social continuities the foods invoke. These contributors will come from the city where the seminar is being held and from one of the other project sites.

The more formal aspect of the launch will conclude with a panel discussion about food and migration, with panellists responding to a select number of questions that are designed to provoke discussion, and questions and facilitated discussion with the audience.

The panel of approximately five, plus chair, will comprise of a SOOP project member, an academic, and three local users, such as community leaders, food or migration activists, local Government officials, popular food writers and chefs, and food industry workers.

Food will be an integral aspect of the launch seminars and participants will be invited to eat some of the food included in the recipe book and to talk informally about the food they are eating and their food experiences more generally.

Attendees at the launch will be those who have previously participated in the project’s cookery workshop, as well as food activists, community leaders, food writers and chefs, migration and refugee groups, local Government groups and members of the food industry.